Culture Night 11 September (Online)

Short Film on the Culture Night

The festival screens 6 favourite short films from earlier editions of the festival on Vimeo. Watch free of charge or pay a voluntary entrance fee with Swish, see below. Enjoy the screening!

Short Film on the Culture Night

This year’s Culture Night is arranged online. That’s why we are moving the traditional short film screening from the cinema to your living rooms. The festival offers a film programme with six films with total running length of 53 minutes. The festival celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and a large part of the festival programme will focus on the best films from the festival history. So does this Culture Night programme.

The program can be watched during the Culture Night on September 11 from 12:00 to 02:00. Link to the screening:

For those who want, the films are completely free of charge to watch. If, on the other hand, you want to pay a voluntary entrance fee, it can be done via Swish. Thank you for your contribution! Read more below.




RUBICON (Germany 1997, animation, 7 min, dir: Gil Alkabetz, se bild)
EDMOND (UK 2015, animation, 9 min, dir: Nina Gantz)
FAUVE (Canada 2018, fiction, 16 min, dir: Jéremy Comte)
BALANCE (Germany 1989, animation, 8 min, dir: Wolfgang & Christoph Lauenstein)
SECOND CLASS MAIL (UK 1984, animation, 4 min, dir: Alison Snowden)
DE BESTE GÅR FØRST (Norway 2002, fiction, 9 min, dir: Hans Petter Moland)

Voluntary Entrance Fee

30 SEK (regular)
50 SEK (support)

Swish: 123 222 2099