19-25 October 2020

Uppsala Short Film Festival

The short film festival of Sweden.

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Audience Favourites

Short Film Day

On the Short Film Day, 21 December, the festival screens audience favourites from the festival 2020. The films can be watched on the festival website between 15:00-00:00. You can start to watch the programme at any time during those hours.

Book in advance: Send an email to tickets@shortfilmfestival.com to get the password to see the programme.


I’m too busy, China/Spain, 2020, 10 min, Dir: Carmen Aumedes Mier
Spontaneous, USA, 2020, 14 min, Dir: Lori Felker
Average Happiness, Switzerland, 2019, 7 min, Dir: Maja Gehrig
LIHKKU!, Sweden, 2019, 8 min, Dir: Irma Bergdahl
Dustin, France, 2020, 20 min, Dir: Naïla Guiguet
I’m Here, Poland, 2020, 15 min, Dir: Julia Orlik
Tvagning, Sweden, 2020, 14 min, Dir: SaraKlara Hellström
Yes People, Iceland, 2020, 8 min, Dir: Gísli Darri Halldórsson

Voluntary Entrance Fee:
30 SEK (regular)
50 SEK (support ticket)

Swish: 123 222 2099 (Kulturföreningen för filmfestival i Uppsala

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Award Winners

Here are all the award winners at this year’s festival. Click on the image to the left to see the digital Award Ceremony.

Read full list of winners here.

Festival 2020

Uppsala Short Film Festival takes place at Reginateatern, Grand and on our online platform Kortfilmfestivalen Play. The screenings and seminars at Reginateatern and Grand are arranged in a Corona safe way with a maximum of 50 persons in the audience. On Kortfilmfestivalen Play the whole festival programme will be available for viewers all over Sweden and film industry all over the world.


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Our online service Kortfilmfestivalen Play offers the whole festival programme of more than 250 films for only 90 SEK. Kortfilmfestivalen Play is available all over Sweden during the festival week 19-25 October.

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