19-25 October 2020


This year’s festival is organised with smaller audiences at the Regina and Grand, as well as online at our online service Kortfilmfestivalen Play. Please see below on how to buy tickets for either alternative.

Online – Kortfilmfestivalen Play

For only 90 SEK, you get access to all 250 films at the festival on Kortfilmfestivalen Play during the festival week 19-25 October. The films are screened just like at the physical festival in programmes with 5-8 short films with a total running time of about 90 minutes. All films presented in the programme here on the website can be seen on the online service.

Only available in Sweden!

Sign in – click here if you already have a Kortfilmfestivalen Play account.

In the cinema – Regina

Most of the festival programme will also be screened on site at Reginateatern (Trädgårdsgatan 6) 19-25 October. Due to the limited number of seats and the special circumstances, we are not able to offer any festival cards this year. We instead offer single tickets for the screenings at a slightly lower price than usual. Tickets for a screening cost 75 SEK and can be purchased without a service fee on Tickster.

Due to Corona restrictions, we only allow for 50 persons per screening. Please buy tickets in advance to avoid crowds and queues in the foyer of the cinema. Together we will create a safe and secure event.

On Friday and Saturday evening screenings, beverages and snacks will be available in the foyer bar at the cinema.

Seminars in the Cinema - Grand

During the festival several seminars and talks are organised. Free of charge!

Book your seat by sending an email to tickets@shortfilmfestival.com

Email or call our service phone if you have any problems buying tickets.

Contact: 018-12 00 25 or info@shortfilmfestival.com.


Buy your tickets for this year's festival!

Read more about how to buy a ticket for our screenings at Reginateatern and for our online service Kortfilmfestivalen Play.

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