National Competition 1

This programme is part of the National Competition. From 15 years of age.

MON 24/10, 17:00 FYRIS
THU 27/10, 19:00 REGINA


Nellie and Jasse are two childhood friends in their early teens. Together they explore life through physical and intimate games. But something else is attracting Jasse’s attention late at night by the skate ramp, a threat that Nellie has to face.

Sweden 2022 / 14:02 / Director: Hannah Reinikainen / Producer: Amelie Svenstedt, Maida Krak

Act of Love

The wedding is imminent. The party hall is being decorated, the photo shoot is being planned, a sister reads her speech to the groom and a small Audi for children is missing in a fragmental and visual film about the symbols, objects and acts of love.

Sweden 2022 / 14:39 / Director: Joel Viksten Abrahamsson / Producer: Claes Hedlund

Just because you didn’t film me while I was crying it doesn’t mean you’re not a filmmaker.

A documentary filmmaker with moral issues and creative block is crying behind the camera. A unique meeting between the participant and the filmmaker takes place and questions arise. The documentary is about films’ way of profiting on other people’s feelings. About human value and about forgiving oneself when things are not going so well.

Sweden 2022 / 5:11 / Director: Astrid Askberger / Producer: Astrid Askberger

Above the Mine

Kiruna, the north of Sweden; after a series of strange events, the city comes alive.

Sweden, France 2022 / 13:32 / Director: Lova Karlsson, Théo Audoire / Producer: Joanna Sitkowska, Marcello Cavagna, Anne Luthaud

The Spyglass

Ten-year-old Eden feels forgotten by and invisible to her parents, who often quarrel or are busy with other things. To escape the boredom and loneliness, Eden has created a secret escape in the garden, where she lies on a blanket and eats cookies. One day something very peculiar happens. Eden has constructed a spyglass, using two empty toilet paper rolls, which she soon understands is magical.

Sweden 2022 / 9:26 / Director: Malin Erixon / Producer: Malin Erixon

We were kids

Alexander has gathered his childhood friends in their old classroom to show them a short film he’s made about them. A short film about the bullying within the macho culture and the hard jargon that kills young men’s dreams from the suburbs.

Sweden 2022 / 14:36 / Director: Alexander Abdallah, Mustafa Al-Mashhadani / Producer: Adam Lunneborg

The Last Marriage

A few years after the zombie disaster, Marie’s and Janne’s biggest worry isn’t so much about getting their brains eaten. Instead, the threat is now, quarrels about housework and a boring sex life. The couple survived the apocalypse, but what about their marriage?

Sweden 2021 / 15:32 / Director: Gustav Egerstedt, Johan Tappert / Producer: Richard Björlin, Carl Molinder

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