Delightful Danes

Delightful Danes 1: Investigating Identity

OFF – Odense International Film Festival has put together a small handful of films focusing on identity. They ask questions like: “Who am I?”, “What do others think of me?” and “What should my life consist of?”. The four short films give perspectives to subjects like sexual identity, friendship, rumors, love, setting boundaries and the feeling of fitting in. Enjoy the teenage drama “Young”, where one night’s actions make impressions that surely will stay with the characters for a lifetime. Finding love isn’t easy and certainly not for Luna, who we meet in the black and white portrayal “Amourteur”. In “Bacchus”, a sensual and colourful stranger helps our main character escape from a dull and grey life full of repetitions. The film selection’s final film is “Katastrofer”, where we meet Liv in a teenage make-it-or-break-it situation: The first day in high school. All the films have earlier been a part of the competition programme at Denmark’s oldest film festival – OFF.

Curator: Birgitte Weinberger

WED 26/10, 21:00 REGINA
FRI 30/10, 13:00 REGINA


A rumor sparks a riot. Or at least a deeply unsettling revenge, in this teenage drama where the colors and visceral feel of the arena are as powerful, as the humiliating torture that is delivered when a teenager is scorned. And underneath it all; insecurity and long-lasting impressions – a night and party that will stay with all the characters, well beyond their youth.

Denmark 2021 / 23:00 / Director: Kristian Håskjold


Luna is looking for love, but that feat proves nigh impossible in this highly impactful black and white portrayal of a woman bathed in emotional longing and hope.

Denmark 2021 / 20:00 / Director: Sylvia Le Fanu


The world is dull and grey; even nightlife is not what it used to be. So Alex is quick to grab the chance to get away when a mysterious stranger leaves a colourful trace for her to follow. Bacchus opens a door to another realm – a sensual place to explore her deepest desires.

Denmark 2018 / 5:00 / Director: Rikke Planeta


Liv has her first day in high school. Everyone knows how scary, hard and angst-ridden this experience can be. But for Liv, every single thing has a little extra inbuilt hardship, in this explicitly touching and ultimately life affirming drama of acceptance.

Denmark 2022 / 30:00 / Director: Tone Ottilie

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