Children's film festival

Programme 13-15 years

MON 24/10, 13:30 REGINA
TUE 25/10, 13:30 REGINA
THU 27/10, 13:30 REGINA

The Penguin’s Flight

Elli spends a lonely summer, feeling detached from the rest of the world, while her parents are breaking up. Her only company is her cat, Molly. When the cat runs off, she starts looking for the only source of affection she still had.

Greece 2021 / 15:00 / Director: Stella Serefoglou / Producer: Iraklis Mavroidis, Nikos Smpiliris


As a little boy, Johann asked many questions and spent his whole life searching for answers. In their short animated film made for the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, Vendula Chalánková and Ján Obyšovský follow the life story of the modest scientist from Hynčice.

Czech Republic 2022 / 3:00 / Director: David Súkup

When I am sad

A smile travels through the world of sadness being transformed by emotions and thoughts.

Armenia 2021 / 6:34 / Director: Lilit Altunyan  / Producer: Reginald de Guillebon, Armine Anda


An epic travel into a universe of geometric abstraction. From the gravitations of childhood to the abysses of adolescence, from the colors of the city to the mirages born from the meeting of the other, the movement will be the only tangible element of this initiatory journey.

France 2022 / 4:42 / Director: Anais Scheeck / Producer: Anais Scheeck


To avoid prison, Noam, a suburban teenager, is sent for 6 months to the farm of Lyra, a single neo-rural woman, who works hard to live. As soon as he arrives, he organises his escape with his older brother. His brother promises to come and get him in 3 weeks. But while working with Lyra, and close to cows, Noam changes…

Frankrike 2021 / 27:39 / Director: Imane Mchangama, Tullio Lavaysse, Hugues Taranne, Fodil Drici, Temim Hammadi, Quentin Nozet

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