Spaces for Resistance

Politics of Place

Spaces for Resistance

Politics of Place explores the socio-economic and political realities inherent in and facilitated by the environments we live in and move through, through multiple threads examining the design, history and geography of particular locations and spaces.

Spaces for Resistance presents a selection of documentaries exploring environments that hold traces of trauma and oppression, but that also can be reclaimed and reframed, opening up possibilities for resistance, such as in the depiction of the Srebrenica, marked by the 1995 genocide and now taken over by cats and dogs; in the Mexican landscapes that hide within them the violence and tragedies caused by narco-capitalism; through a filmmaker’s loophole allowing a poetic depiction of daily life in North Korea; and in an experimental appropriation of cinema’s chase genre to address the everyday danger to Black lives. The investigation of these spaces through film opens up new imaginations and awareness, and with them the potential for defiance, action, and calls for change.

Curator: Sanne Jehoul