Right to the City

Politics of Place

Right to the City

Politics of Place explores the socio-economic and political realities facilitated by the environments we live in and move through, through multiple threads examining the design, history and geography of particular locations and spaces.

Right To The City includes works that illustrate the consequences of hyper-capitalist urban development, from the exclusion and displacement of immigrant communities as a consequence of luxury residential projects in a Paris banlieue, to the increasing precarity of life and housing in a favela near Latin America’s largest port, and the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on expansion projects and residents in South Korea. While these works suggest the impossibility of prioritising urban spaces and housing for daily life and community when their planning is driven by profitmaking, there is also resilience in this programme, through the radical achievements of a housing activist in a 1980s London estate and the pride of a community in an arctic mining city, even if it raises questions on their personal sacrifices and responsibilities.

Curator: Sanne Jehoul