National Competition 2

This programme is part of the National Competition. From 15 years of age.

TUE 24/10, 19:00 SLOTTS
FRI 27/10, 17:00 FYRIS


In 1982 the first case of HIV was discovered in Sweden. Here, we meet three men who tell the story of love, community, lust, shame and grief in the 80’s in Sweden, a time and a place where queer people had to live with a constant backdrop of death and loss.

Sweden 2023 / 18:29 / Director: Palmer Lydebrant Producer: Siri Hjorton Wagner


An established timeline from the 1900s miner strikes to the establishment of the electronic music festival in Norberg a hundred years later, when the rave scene moved into the old industrial buildings.

Sweden 2023 / 11:40 / Director/Producer: coyote


A female, seemingly lifeless, body is found in the forest. Who was she, who left her there, and is she really dead? A film about a man who dumps his lifelike sex doll (Galatea) in the forest where someone finds it and thinks it is a dead body. Throughout the entire film we hear Galatea’s own thoughts about her purpose in society, as a martyr or saviour of women.

Sweden 2023 / 8:14 / Director: Arvida Byström, Hampus Byström Producer: Amelie Svenstedt


In a distorted reality, defenceless creatures are imprisoned and forced by their captor to humiliate and hurt each other. Everything is recorded and streamed to thousands of paying customers. One day they have had enough.

Sweden 2023 / 14:50 / Director: Freddy Wallin Producer: Tomas Haglund, Oskar Sjödin


A man and a woman are having a candlelit dinner at a restaurant. All of a sudden the man’s appearance begins to change. A stop motion relationship horror and unromantic comedy about a couple forced to deal with escalating bodily transformations.

Sweden 2023 / 12:00 / Director: Carolina Sandvik Producer: Kerstin Übelacker


A final feedback meeting is being held prior to the release of an art school’s new commercial. Everyone is happy, but then a thought arises as to whether the commercial can be perceived as “too white”. The meeting suddenly escalates into a debate about how it happened, if it can be solved and above all – whose fault it is.

Sweden 2023 / 13:37 / Director: Sebastian Johansson Micci Producer: Manne Indahl