YOUNG 13-18 years

This programme consists of some of the best films about and for a younger audience aged 13–18 years. The films have in common that they bring up important and sometimes tough subjects that many young people deal with in their everyday life. The programme works as well for a grown-up audience as it does for the younger audience. Entrance is free of charge!

MON 24/10, 19:00 FYRIS
WED 26/10, 13:00 FYRIS


Spotless tells the story of 15 year old Ruby, who lives in a small flat with her mother and her younger sister. Her mother works overtime to make ends meet and Ruby feels responsible for her sister. When Ruby realizes she is having her period, she notices they are out of period products. She doesn’t want to bother her mother with asking for them, because she is aware of their money problems. To make sure she doesn’t trouble anyone with her problem, she tries to solve it herself.

Netherlands 2021 / 15:41 / Director: Emma Branderhorst / Producer: Nicky Onstenk, Marcy Bary

Fall Float Fly

A restless soul travels through spaces & feelings, to discover the darkness and lightness of life in a fantastical dreamscape.

Belgium, Pakistan 2021 / 7:32 / Director: Qurratul Ain Saeed / Producer: Qurratul Ain Saeed


To avoid prison, Noam, a suburban teenager, is sent for 6 months to the farm of Lyra, a single neo-rural woman, who works hard to live. As soon as he arrives, he organises his escape with his older brother. His brother promises to come and get him in 3 weeks. But while working with Lyra, and close to cows, Noam changes…

France 2021 / 27:39 / Director: Imane Mchangama, Tullio Lavaysse, Hugues Taranne, Fodil Drici, Temim Hammadi, Quentin Nozet

The Penguin’s Flight

Elli spends a lonely summer, feeling detached from the rest of the world, while her parents are breaking up. Her only company is her cat, Molly. When the cat runs off, she starts looking for the only source of affection she still had.

Greece 2021 / 15:00 / Director: Stella Serefoglou / Producer: Iraklis Mavroidis, Nikos Smpiliris

Who I Am

Who I Am follows Charlie (pronouns he/they), a transgender teen who is also autistic. Research shows that people who are neurodivergent are more likely to be trans or gender diverse, but little is known about why. After being bullied at school, Charlie finally comes out to his mum, setting him on a path of navigating the first steps of his transition – the social transition. Over three years we watch him come out to family, make new friends, navigate the pandemic and find the inclusive mental health and medical care he needs. The story is told through observational moments and Charlie’s own original animated characters coming to life.

Australia 2022 / 23:00 / Director: Naomi Ball / Producer: Cadance Bell, David Elliot-Jones, Naomi Ball