The People's Revolt: Rewriting the Future

In 2020, Chileans democratically voted to write a new constitution that would replace the one imposed in 1980 under Pinochet’s dictatorship. This long civic process of reflection and of rethinking a new Chile, continues today with different challenges, as the country tries to reach an agreement that represents the majority. This new civil consciousness of the Chilean people was triggered by a popular movement that manifested vividly with massive protests between October 2019 through March 2020.

Chile’s latest political events have inspired a series of film programmes under the title The People’s Revolt that includes works ranging from experimental cinema, essay video, poetry in motion, found footage, performance and documentary approaches. In The People’s Revolt: Rewriting The Future, we focus on a possible revolution led by the people and the question of what constitutes a significant change for a country that wants to rewrite its own history while dreaming of a better future.

Curator: Anto Astudillo

FRI 28/10, 21:00 FYRIS


“Untitled: 1st Cut” is an outsider’s peek into the complex tragedy concerning country-wide protests where Chilean police arrested 450 people while at least two died as protests in Santiago and other cities turned violent before the highly-contested presidential elections.

USA 2022 / 03:47 / Director: Erin Wajufos


Unarchive juxtaposes the filmmaker’s father’s life with the political history of Chile – his birthplace – over the past century. It reflects on how we remember and how we forget, and the role of the camera in transcending the complex space in between.

Canada 2022 / 12:56 / Director: Cecilia Araneda


An immersive documentary, showing the protests and artistic actions that took place during the social revolt and state of emergency in Chile leading up to the new constitution. These intimate recordings in 360º accompany the actions of a group of protesters and activists, that were carried out as a form of social condemnation and resistance, against the political violence and the unjust economic measures of the Chilean neoliberal state, which has caused so many social inequalities. Film intended for VR360º viewing, presented as an expanded theatrical version.

Chile 2022 / 12:00 / Director: Pepe Rovano


“Extraordinary Phenomena” is a collective experimental documentary filmed during the most difficult days of the October 2019 protests in Santiago. The images were obtained in the streets located on the outskirts of the demonstrations where the police would break in to dissolve the legitimate right to protest The film is also an experiment of association between two invisible forces, that of social movements and of nature. In times of revolution and pandemic, we mistrust the image and pose questions about the new syntax of cinema.

Chile 2019 / 09:21 / Director: Colectivo Ceis8


Film essay consisting of 5 video-poems where the first months of the social revolt unleashed in Chile since October 2019 are reflected. Family archives, television fragments and the record of the demonstrations narrate different states of mind that existed during the so-called social outbreak.

Chile 2020 / 10:00 / Director: Felipe Rodríguez Cerda


This video is a reflection about temporality and how the specific experience of queer/2S people -or in Mapuche context: epupillan- is connected to a knowledge/practice that dissolves gender binarism but also erases the boundries between the human and non-human. The video shows different temporalities taking place.

Chile 2021 / 03:51 / Director: Comunidad Catrileo+Carrión


Based on fragments from the homonymous essay by Chilean author Lina Meruane, “Matar el ojo” pairs reflections on the Chilean uprising that began in October 2019, and the ensuing state repression, with a travelling shot along the central avenue in downtown Santiago.

Chile 2020 / 15:31 / Director: Colectiva Somos La Célula, Lina Meruane


“The future in dispute” traces a journey through different spaces of the Chilean territory in a sequence of images in permanent decomposition. These remnants of the territory serve as a stage to account for the current state of emergency to undo and recompose the political and social structure. A chaotic transit where diverse identities and nomadic spaces converge. This video was built with images filmed in different areas of Chile that were later processed in a generative programming software.

Chile 2022 / 04:11 / Director: Matías Carvajal Silva


For more than 10 years I have been filming different protests in the United States and Chile. These protests have had a huge impact on my life. The Student Revolution, Black Lives Matters, The Women’s March and Chile’s Social Movement that erupted October 18, 2019, have been captured with the intention of archiving history, as well as motivating in the audience a feeling of community and popular resonance in the world. This fragment of the people’s led uprisings, focuses on Chile’s social revolt documented between December 2019 and January 2020.

Chile 2022 / 15:00 / Director: Anto Astudillo