Comedy cuts

Eight of this year’s laugh-out-loud films, bound to tickle your funny bone and give you the giggles, as they take you through a spinning class from hell, the imminent crisis when you discover at the altar that your life partner has never seen your favourite tv show or when the doctor is by far the least well person in the hospital.

FRI 28/10, 21:00 REGINA
SUN 30/10, 17:00 REGINA


Peggy opens her door to find Lou, her cat she gave away 12 years ago, looking for answers.

USA 2021 / 4:59 / Director: Karina Wolfe / Producer: Andrew Fairbank, Karina Wolfe, Micheala Myers


Ana is a 15-year-old girl who does not feel loved by her parents. After failing to win first prize in the school’s animal drawing contest, her outraged father, a lawyer by profession, will sue the drawing teacher for fraud in the verdict.

Spain 2021 / 14:59 / Director: César Tormo / Producer: César Tormo

Entropy of Things

Do you ever wonder why things break? Do you think it’s annoying? Would you say it’s unnecessary? Two young and beautiful hipsters are confronted with these questions in an epic explanation of life and its struggles. ENTROPY OF THINGS discloses the secret of how to deal with the frustration of things breaking and how to find ultimate relief. The secret is as simple as it is powerful: Accept nature and replace what’s obsolete with what’s shiny and new. You know what you want!

Switzerland 2021 / 3:51 / Director: Sean Wirz / Producer: Sean Wirz, Basil Oberli, Carlo El Basbasi

Welcome, Megan

A desperate young woman sets out to join a secretive and elite spin class by any means necessary.

USA 2022 / 14:29 / Director: Lily Richards / Producer: Jhanvi Motla, Caitlin Combe, Lily Richards


A couple, Donny and Marie, awake one morning to find a baby has appeared in their apartment. Unsure what to do, and bewildered by the intrusion, they seek guidance from the eccentric Dr. Hoofenhoffer.

UK 2021 / 10:55 / Director: Ian Killick / Producer: Anna McNutt


Two old friends reunite in the wilderness, over which an angry warehouse holds court.

USA 2021 / 11:47 / Director: Ryan McGlade

The one who never watched friends

Rachel is getting married. In one hour she will say yes to the love of her life. Greg, her future husband, wants to see her before the wedding. She is so beautiful, he looks at her and says: « Oh my Gooood ! » all while laughing. He is obviously referring to a joke from the series Friends, but Rachel has never watched the tv show…and suddenly a crisis erupts.

France 2022 / 12:00 / Director: Charlotte Gabris / Producer: Sarah Lelouch

For Pete’s Sake

Jim is going insane, he has been in the hospital forever. When the doctor finally arrives with his tests, the results are unexpected. A matter of laugh or death.

USA 2022 / 13:00 / Director: Gerald B. Fillmore / Producer: Gerald B. Fillmore

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