Politics of Place

Right to the City

Politics of Place explores the socio-economic and political realities facilitated by the environments we live in and move through, through multiple threads examining the design, history and geography of particular locations and spaces. READ MORE.

Curator: Sanne Jehoul

Tue 20/10 | 15:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

Fog and Smoke

Fog and Smoke depicts an abandoned construction site in the Songdo International Business District in Incheon, South Korea. A camera records the outskirts of the “new town” where construction debris was dumped and follows the last remaining fisherman in the old town as he drives his tractor across the new development.

South Korea, 2013, 21, Direction: Jeamin Cha.

We Are All Here

Rosa was never Lucas, so she is expelled from her parents’ house. Now she needs to find a place to build her shack in the favela where she was born. Time is pressing as a project to expand the port area of Latin America’s largest port will advance.

Brazil, 2018, 19, Direction: Rafael Mellim, Chico Santos.


Skinnings is a film about the transformation of an urban territory, an area “in between”. This no man’s land in the “banlieue”, the outskirts of Paris, has been abandoned for years. The film encounters the voices of those who walk, who play, who live in this area. In contrast to their intimate visions of the city, another reality is revealed.

France, 2017, 19, Direction: Daniel Nehm.

Street 66

Chronicling the life of Ghanaian housing activist Dora Boatemah and her influence on the regeneration of Angell Town Estate in Brixton, South London.

United Kingdom, 2018, 13, Direction: Ayo Akingbade.

My Deadly Beautiful City

Residents of an industrial town in the Arctic ponder how pollution affects their lives and the landscape.

United Kingdom, 2016, 11, Direction: Victoria Fiore.

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