Six of this year’s best films on all things LGBTQ.

Thu 22/10 | 18:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October


Frede goes with her big sister to a queer techno party to win back her ex. When this goes wrong she tries to follow her sister’s less romantic advice on how to get over your ex and not be a “babydyke”. This leads to Frede violating her own boundaries and results in a big confrontation between the two sisters.

Denmark, 2019, 19, Direction: Tone Ottilie.

The Last Romantics of the World

2050. The world as we know it is about to be ended by a pink cloud. Far away from the urban chaos, Pedro and Miguel seek only eternity.

Brazil, 2020, 23, Direction: Henrique Arruda.

Shannon Amen

Shannon Amen unearths the frantic, passionate, and pained expressions of a young woman as she struggles to reconcile her sexual identity with her religious faith.

Canada, Quebec, 2019, 15, Direction: Chris Dainty.

Acceptable Face

“The sort of person of whom someone might say: oh he’s gay, but he’s lovely!” Acceptable Face is an animated discussion about the ‘ideal’ respectable queer person. How would they look, act, and let people know that they’re not “that kind of gay”? Based on interviews with LGBTQ+ people, this experimental charcoal animation explores the pressure to be a ‘good example’ and the joy of refusing to conform.

United Kingdom, 2019, 6, Direction: Holly Summerson.


Burdened by a prophecy that dooms them to a violent death, Elagabalus, a genderqueer Roman Emperor, embraces excess. Much to the dismay of their controlling mother, Elagabalus is enamoured by a dashing charioteer. But as Elagabalus’ habits grow increasingly sadistic, mother and lover must band together to fulfil destiny.

Australia, 2020, 17, Direction: Xanthe Dobbie.


Autumn again on planet earth. A couple of rosy rose petals in eternal solidarity endure the great trouble of a heavy thunderstorm. A romantic conceptualism bedtime fable of resistance & redundance, or the awkward ambivalence of truth, dream, life and love. Let‘s unite to inflorescence.

Germany, 2020, 8, Direction: Nicolaas Schmidt.

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