Lovisa Sirén

Over the last year, Lovisa Sirén has received well-deserved attention for her feature film debut Maya Nilo (Laura). Before that she garnered multiple awards for her exceptionally successful short films. The films in this programme have been screened at festivals such as Sundance and Locarno, nominated for the Guldbagge
awards, as well as been awarded with Startsladden in Göteborg and the award for Best Swedish Short Film at Uppsala. Her films often centre around gender-related power dynamics and societal expectations. They are inventive, powerfully direct and uncompromising, but also nuanced and multi-layered, with complex characters in close relationships, and much going on between the lines. It is heavy drama, executed with a light hand, genuineness and a sense of humour.

Lovisa Sirén will be present at the screening to talk more about the films.

THU 26/10, 19:00 FYRIS


Pussy Have the Power is a song improvised by four girls in a recording studio. When an established music producer walks in, they face the choice of selling out their work to something that could lead to success, while they risk losing their own message.

Sweden 2014 / 16:00 / Director: Lovisa Sirén


Experienced male actors are called to an audition. During the screen test, they realise that the female director is looking for something they are unwilling to expose. A humorous depiction of power structures and male defence mechanisms.

Sweden 2015 / 20:00 / Director: Lovisa Sirén


Summer night in Stockholm. People meeting people. Loners and drifters hooking up. Babies making babies. Meet Emma, 35, and Joel, 17, two strangers waiting for the night bus to take them home.

Sweden 2016 / 29:00 / Director: Lovisa Sirén