Deliciously Disgusting!

Ah, that sweet spot between beauty and rot – there should be a word for it! The invented word läckligt is a combination of läckert (delicious) and äckligt (disgusting) that aims to convey the sublime sensation when ugly things turn pretty, the exquisiteness in decomposition, and related feelings. So here are seven deliciously beautiful films that are also quite disgusting.

It’s a profoundly ecological programme, putting delicious composition back into decomposition, with biodegradable films about our relationship with animals, nature – and our inner organs, whether it’s through the hands of a sweaty baker, making Frankenstein’s monster with yeast and dough, just plain fish-snogging or those teensy-weensy bugs in us all, sharing our bodily juices.

SAT 29/10, 17:00 SLOTTS
SUN 30/10, 21:00 FYRIS


With time lapse videography of rotting action, Wrought creates an intimate, immersive world where decay can be beautiful, tender and even surprisingly human.

Canada 2022 / 19:26 / Director: Anna Sigrithur, Joel Penner / Producer: Anna Sigrithur, Joel Penner


The film deals with the problem of growing anger, frustration and aggression that seeks an outlet. The heroine of the film is a person who loses control of her anger. Losing herself in emotions, she cannot stand the tension.

Poland 2021 / 5:30 / Director: Julia Siuda / Producer: Robert Sowa


A humpback whale strands on the beach, and a woman seeks closure through a simulation while human interlopers observe, collect, dissect and take selfies.

USA, Italy 2021 / 8:08 / Director: Alessia Cecchet Producer: Alessia Cecchet

Monsieur Sachet

Monsieur Sachet is a wicked escalation of tragicomic anecdotes happening in a colorful, crazy and completely absurd atmosphere.

Canada 2021 / 9:39 / Director: Mathieu Girard / Producer: Mathieu Girard

Fish Kissed

Fish kissed is a short film about the relationship between the urban home and the ocean. The narrative takes place entirely over a kitchen sink. Fish kissed examines both the physical connection between human spaces and marine ecosystems and their cultural connection, for example through references of food preparation, traditional song, eco-news and climate worries, the practise of ichthyomancy (a divination by means of the heads or the entrails of fishes) and biopsy, to foresee the future. The film stars a woman and a sea urchin whose relationship seems to be based on a parallel co-domestication process. The film examines the juxtaposed perception of the sea as a “trophos” -a pleasure, resource and nutrition provider- and waste ground, the cultural stylisation of the marine ecosystem mostly by the tourism and energy sectors and the future of the oceans.

Greece 2022 / 10:10 / Director: HYPERCOMF / Producer: HYPERCOMF


Meaty creatures must learn to share their juicy world with the pesky little bugs, before they run dry.

Germany 2022 / 4:55 / Director: Mona Keil / Producer: Isabella Braun

Time of a Slime Mold

The movement of slime mold is combined with pattern subjects selected from Karelian thread blankets. Slime molds are primitive Amoebozoa organisms that can move even if they do not have a brain or nervous system. The poem heard in the background expresses themes of time, circulation and decomposing.

Finland 2021 / 9:50 / Director: Leena Pukki / Producer: Leena Pukki


Yeast is an absurd and grotesque tale about a struggling baker within a hellish bakery who unexpectedly bakes himself a Frankenstein’s monster made of dough and yeast, which takes over his life.
However, the themes underneath the grime and the grit are prevalent and quickly gives Yeast a deeper, more profound and sad message than the macabre fairytale we were given at the forefront.

UK 2021 / 12:22 / Director: Elliott Gonzo / Producer: James Kirby, Dominic Mayer, Tom Abbosh