Announcements from Another World

Gudrun Krebitz

Gudrun Krebitz, who was born in Austria, is an artist and filmmaker whose work focuses on animation, installation, and single image drawing. Her both haunting and humorous films range from seemingly simple pencil drawings to breathtakingly multi-layered collages of sound and vision. Gudrun Krebitz animates the spaces within. Her films conjure spaces of internalisation and intuition that resonate like something between dreams, visions and memories. In these spaces, blurriness and ambiguity create a new clarity. More than causal, the link between sound and image in these visual poems can be associative, fragmented and deliriously mysterious. Moving from selfdoubt to self-empowerment and confidence, her films allow for individual perceptions and constructions of reality. Gudrun Krebitz’ works are intoxicatingly ambiguous but emotionally direct. Her films are invitations to other dimensions that make the deeply personal into something that we all can recognize.

During October Gudrun Krebitz is on Region Uppsala International Film Residency. She will join the screening in conversation with Louise Bown, Region Uppsala.

THU 27/10, 19:00 FYRIS


Because she has been alone for a really long time and there’s just no one else, she might as well live on the moon.

UK, Austria 2015 / 06:19 / Director: Gudrun Krebitz


Real excitement is always kind of out of focus. Unfortunately. All joy lies buried in a blind rush and hasty perceptions. That’s why I never got my eyes lasered.

Austria, Germany 2012 / 09:00 / Director: Gudrun Krebitz

I know you?

An unanswered telephone, an attempt to dance, a knife in a drawer. Do you know who you are dealing with?

Austria, Germany 2009 / 04:00 / Director: Gudrun Krebitz

The Magical Dimension

You can always be at two places at once, did you know? The real world and the magical world. The voice on the phone whispers in your ear- there`s a way to alter reality. A journey through Graveyards, unknown waters, poems, dreams and wishes, telling us that what we long for is waiting for us and we can meet it in our very own underworld. A film in love, like a prayer, to reclaim what seems lost, to open the gateway and enter the real world.

Germany, Austria 2018 / 07:00 / Director: Gudrun Krebitz

ECHODROME (Nighttime at the Well)

Attention. This is an announcement coming from another world. I’m ready to jump in, dive deep and sing unashamedly underwater. That’s just how these things work, gentlemen!
I need to sit in complete darkness to be able to think about you. It’s rather fortunate that film, too, operates in the shadows. I want it pitch black. Maybe there’s an image, hanging in space somewhere that just keeps moving. We are not all alone in the dark, you’ll see. What’s actually behind the curtain becomes irrelevant, we can fall out of character, together.

Austria, Germany 2022 / 17:00 / Director: Gudrun Krebitz

Shut up Moon

It’s difficult to fit in, especially when you’re new in town. A hand drawn animation full of awkwardness, fun, an imaginary friend, and the things that keep you up at night while your mind plays you a best-of compilation of today’s conversations.

Austria, UK 2014 / 04:00 / Director: Gudrun Krebitz