This programme features films from the Swedish Film Institute’s initiative on the national minorities and the minority languages, made in collaboration with Folkets Bio and UR. Not all films from the initiative are completed, so the programme is screened as a work in progress.

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Almost daily, media reports about accelerating climate change. The seasons shift place, winters are getting warmer and the summers longer. The value of nature and the land is reflected through visual poetry of the images and the words and thoughts of those that make use of it on a daily basis.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Jonah Senften,  Jimmy Sundin, Production: Andreas Emanuelsson

Klassens Z

This fiction documentary aims to show what a day in a Swedish school can be like for a Romani pupil. It follows a boy who hides his Romani identity from class mates, friends and teachers. Realising that nobody is taking responsibility for the antiziganism being inflicted on the Romani, he asks himself whether he should do something about it. Or is it somebody else’s responsibility?

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Alma Dzafic Ferhatovic, Julián Quevedo Production: Anna Åhlander

Sarri ja Sanna

Sarri and Sanna have been best friends all their lives. This affectionate portrait follows them baking juolutorttu and reminiscing about growing up neither Swedish, nor Finnish, but still both. An exuberant short documentary where laughter meets seriousness.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Julia Qvarnström Production: Ewa Cederstam

Detta är natten

Detta är natten is a poetical film encounter; a homeless language, a forgotten place, a prophetic poem. The language is jiddisch, the place the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw with its 200 000 dilapidated graves and the poem was published by Anna Margolin in New York in 1929.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Gunnar Bergdahl Production: Fredrik Lange

Gräset är alltid grönare

Two young people are sitting in a café in Stockholm, chatting about places around the world that are bigger and better. Many move from Tornedalen hoping to lead a more eventful life. It’s so easy to never be content and to keep dreaming about something bigger. But is the grass always greener?

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Sanna Kalla Production: Andreas Emanuelsson

Svonni vs Skatteverket

Sami Ida-Maria is fighting against the Swedish tax agency for her right to make a tax deduction for the purchase of a dog. Why don’t the Swedish authorities understand that Rikke is a herding tool and not a pet? A short documentary about cultural clashes and the struggle to practice Sami culture in today’s Sweden.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Maria Fredriksson Production: Ina Holmqvist

Der Shmues

World War II and the Holocaust led to Jiddisch disappearing as a widely spread language in common use. But Jiddisch is still a large part of the Jewish identity and somewhere in the south of Sweden two young people find a Jiddisch teacher in the pediatrician, psychiatrist, and author Salomon Schulman. Through the language they get closer to their roots and their history.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Kamelia Pebdani Production: Peter Krupenin


Alecio, Timimie and Anna are having a conversation in a green forest about language, identity and sexuality. The dialogue in the film is in Romani, Sami and Swedish.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Alecio Araci Production: China Åhlander

Sori Toni

Toni is 16 and lives in a cramped apartment with her family. She’s got two younger siblings and the home is often chaotic, messy and loud. Toni wants to hang with her friends so much that she often escapes to the community of the chat room, but that escape is not always enough…

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Lina Puranen

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