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Urban Drama

Filmmakers in the Balkans tend to come from or live in big cities, and for a long time most of the works they delivered was decidedly urban. However, in recent years, this has changed and young directors increasingly look at the countryside as a setting and a state of mind. In this selection you will find both aspects, and realise that they are actually quite complementary, and that their topics and artistic approaches are often interchangeable. This dynamic shows the untameable spirit of people living in the region that used to be one country and is still a common cultural space. READ MORE.

Curator: Vladan Petkovic

Thu 22/10 | 15:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October


Lost in the labyrinth of his subconsciousness, Gottlieb struggles to find his way back to reality. Provoking deconstruction of his make-believe world he puts his life at risk. At the end as his realities collide he becomes aware of his self-imprisonment.

North Macedonia, 2019, 9, Direction: Krste Gospodinovski.

White Trash

On a foggy winter morning the gulls are massively feeding on human trash on the junkyard Jakuševac. The biologists are using this opportunity to catch them for testing on diseases transmittable to humans.

Croatia, 2018, 11, Direction: Suncica Ana Veldic.

The Beast

A rashly accepted job at a construction site in the seaside apartment village turns into complication for a backhoe loader operator from the hinterland who, in order to retain fatherly authority and get the legal, but dirty, demolition work done, needs to remove an unwanted witness.

Croatia, 2016, 15, Direction: Miroslav Sikavica.


Sometime it’s not easy to talk about feelings, and things that we always wanted to know but we were too afraid to ask. Maybe there is a recipe for that, but I don’t know it. The only recipe I know is for apple cake, and I’m sure that with this apple cake you’ll be able to express your feelings and ask any question you want.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018, 8, Direction: Anja Kavic.


The director of the film follows the construction of a luxury hotel through his kitchen window. Fragments of the dissolution of his relationship unintentionally sneak into the recorded material and shake the very foundations of the film.

Slovenia, 2018, 21, Direction: Peter Cerovšek.


Jana says goodbye to her band members, friends, ex-girlfriend and her family. They all share a feeling of regret saying goodbye, but they are happy for her as she heads to Michigan to follow her post graduate studies. Only her sister knows her secret.

Serbia, 2016, 22, Direction: Milica Tomović.

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