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Rural Joy

Filmmakers in the Balkans tend to come from or live in big cities, and for a long time most of the works they delivered was decidedly urban. However, in recent years, this has changed and young directors increasingly look at the countryside as a setting and a state of mind. In this selection you will find both aspects, and realise that they are actually quite complementary, and that their topics and artistic approaches are often interchangeable. This dynamic shows the untameable spirit of people living in the region that used to be one country and is still a common cultural space. READ MORE.

Curator: Tina Poglajen

Wed 21/10 | 15:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

The Gay Life in Krško

A young German seeks to discover the gay places of Krško.

Slovenia, 2007, 6, Direction: Nico Woche.

Spreading the Seed

Melania Trump, a unique onion seed, and a multinational company trying to save the White House legacy meet village life in a tiny country on another side of the globe.

Slovenia, 2018, 11, Direction: Ana Cerar.

From Kršan to Peroj

A snapshot of a fading culture of Istrian limericks set to traditional music.

Croatia, 2015, 7, Direction: Igor Bezinovic.

River Divides Work Connects

The 1970s in the former Yugoslavia. A new bridge is being built over the Sava river. The opening is a festive occasion for the entire community.

Slovenia, 2018, 7, Direction: Tomaž Pavkovič.

No Wolf Has a House

Sandra is an overly sensitive young woman who, when under pressure, has trouble with deciphering the line between reality and her twisted fantasies. During her husband’s birthday party, she has to spend a day with his family. Their barely conceived hostility is making her gradually lose her mind.

Croatia, 2015, 24, Direction: Hana Jušić.

Then comes the evening

Bitter poetry of everyday life in the isolated hills of Eastern Bosnia shows the care and intimacy of two grannies, both in their mutual relations and in relationship with nature. The film emphasizes intangible cultural heritage, through chants and rituals for taming the adverse weather, hail, and storm. Nature is the entity the grannies speak with, listen to, and respect.

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019, 27, Direction: Maja Novaković.

In Between

An empathetic portrait of the families that, by economic necessity, need to live much of their lives separated and living in cultures not their own.

Kosovo, 2019, 13, Direction: Samir Karahoda.

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