Film from Uppland

8 of the best films of the year with a connection to Uppland. This program explores what it means to be human through dance, photography, comedy and animation.

Curator: Sigrid Hadenius-Ebner

TUE 24/10, 19:00 REGINA


In today’s society there is a lot of talk about mental health issues among young people and how to prevent them. What often goes unnoticed is that it is not just young people who experience mental health problems. This is a short film documentary about loneliness and mental health issues among the elderly. 

Sweden 2023 / 12:05 / Director/Producer: Oscar Wahlberg


​Isabelle is suffering from a severe eating disorder. One morning she sneaks out for her usual compulsory training and the destructive thoughts consume her. When she lies down, all the emotions come. Sadness, grief, anger. She is hit by memories. Nice memories, from her childhood, but also horrible ones, from the days when she was the most sick. She realises how she is treating herself and decides to make a change.​

Sweden 2022 / 14:21 / Director/Producer: Aila Stefansdotter-Franck, Elin Örneholm, Linnéa Duran


​After a morning of chaos, Ebba, a hard working mom, has had enough and decides to ignore everything and just take a day off for herself at home. She plays hide and seek when her husband comes home for lunch, but the game is interrupted when it turns out that he also has a secret.​ 

Sweden 2022 / 10:56 / Director: Johanna Hedberg Producer: Johanna Hedberg, Frida Thelin


On a sheep farm, a man is cowed and tortured by another strange man. When he escapes, a chase begins, and the sheep witness a cruel game which only one can win.​​ 

Sweden 2023 / 8:00 / Director: Franco Ismael Veloz Producer: Sergio Ayala


​A peculiar man commits a highway robbery in the hopes of being rewarded by his boss.​

Sweden 2023 / 4:25 / Director/Producer: David Strandberg


A circle is closed. The body and the brain and the grief had to complete a revolution before they could come out on the other side. The veil has fallen. It is over now. This short is about a relationship, its fall and the way to build one’s own person back up.​​ 

Sweden 2022 / 6:48 / Director: Johannes Helgelin Producer: Lamia Karić


​Five years ago, I stopped playing volleyball. Now I want to play again, but I do not. When I used to play there was an expectation to wear hotpants, but I do not want to wear them. By meeting young people who play volleyball, I am approaching the sport again to explore others’ thoughts on the dress code.​

Sweden 2023 / 14:48 / Director: Vera Berggren Wiklund Producer: Marielle Mvuanda Riström


​An audiovisual meditation on post-midsummer existence. Uppsala, Sweden – July 6, 2022.​

Sweden 2022 / 2:55 / Director/Producer: Iris Wildros