Fantastic Film 2 - Careful What You Fish For

Another fistful of this year’s best films of the fantastic – horror, science fiction, action, and comedy – come chockfull with uninvited guests and freedom struggles. It is about making your voice heard when you wake up with a zipper sewn to your mouth or sitting down with uptight friends, or about rehabilitated bioweapons named Kiefer. These are literally captivating films about fish and other animals and humans with or without a spine.

Curator: Patrik Sporrong


SAT 28/10, 21:00 FYRIS
SUN 29/10, 13:00 FYRIS


When working class Zoe meets her best mate’s more privileged friends, she tries to ignore the chip on her shoulder and make a good impression. However, when a single-use plastic bag comes to life and hunts down the group one by one, Zoe must face her inner rage head-on.

United Kingdom 2023 / 13:00 / Director: Alex Withers


An ordinary day takes a sinister turn for a woman and her child when a stranger walks into their isolated rural home.

Ireland 2022 / 15:00 / Director: Sinéad O’Loughlin


A 14-year-old girl discovers that the fish she has been given for dinner is a rehabilitated bioweapon named Kiefer.

Philippines 2023 / 21:53 / Director: Stephen Lopez


On her 16th birthday, singer-songwriter Melody awakens with a zipper sewn to her mouth. A story about the voiceless, who must fight to be heard.

Canada 2023 / 15:40 / Director: Ava Maria Safai


Mathilde, a comic strip artist, lives alone in a house-studio in the country. While she’s working hard on her new futuristic adventures album about Saul, her astronaut hero, she is offered a box of old pencils by her neighbour, a second-hand dealer, without imagining for a moment that they have an extraordinary power. Thanks to them, everything Mathilde draws can come true.

France 2023 / 19:14 / Director: Clément Rière