Fantastic Film 1 – Don't Cry Wolf

Six of this year’s best films of the fantastic – horror, sci-fi, action, and comedy – offer dos and don’ts about sudden physical transformations and when it’s a good or bad time to cry wolf. They are hair-raising tales about werewolves with knives, the risks involved in practical jokes, and how to act when you see a shark fin in the water or happen to swallow a spider – and how not to act.

WED 26/10, 21:00 FYRIS
SUN 30/10, 11:00 FYRIS

Werewolf With a Knife

The only thing deadlier than a werewolf is a werewolf… with a knife!
Fran Hevia, one of Mexico’s top comics, delivers his first short film, a faux trailer for the faux movie Werewolf With a Knife.

Mexico 2021 / 1:21 / Director: Fran Hevia / Producer: Fran Hevia, Maggie Hernández, Rodrigo Escobar

The Wilds

Anna receives an urgent phone call from her desperate-sounding and somewhat estranged mother, Helen. Anna’s troubled brother has returned to the family home; Helen needs Anna’s help and it must be right now – definitely before tonight. The Wilds tells the story of the day Anna Wild finally reconnects with her family; all thanks to a lycanthropy-based emergency.

UK 2022 / 15:00 / Director: Greig Johnson / Producer: Adam Bouabda


Joy and Harry are trying to have a baby. One night, Joy swallows a spider in her sleep. When Joy subsequently develops an insatiable appetite for flies, it dawns on her that there may be more than one way of becoming a mother.

UK 2022 / 15:32 / Director: Celine Cotran / Producer: Oliver Sunley


​Completing the trilogy of wickedly dark comedy shorts that began with Spider and Bear, Nash Edgerton finds a perfect match in Rose Byrne as Sofie, a woman who loves pranks just as much as Jack, Edgerton’s onscreen alter ego. Alas, the couple’s quest to outdo each other may lead to the most outrageous calamity of all.

Australia 2021 / 14:10 / Director: Nash Edgerton / Producer: Michele Bennett

The Operator

The Operator follows Michael, a client contact associate as he starts another dull day of business as usual. Connecting long distance intergalactic calls from a remote satellite (not as exciting as it sounds); a bleary eyed and coffee fuelled Michael receives a distress call. No one ever receives a distress call. They barely touch on distress calls during the induction day.

UK 2022 / 20:00 / Director: Matt Riley / Producer: Becky Adams, Paul Mills

Kickstart my Heart

After a violent accident, Lilly wakes to find herself having barely escaped the steel grip of death, only to discover the fight has just begun. The story of one woman’s battle through her mind’s multiple levels of hell and the bloody torment she endures to regain control over her consciousness.

USA 2021 / 13:10 / Director: Kelsey Bollig / Producer: Cybill Lui Eppich, Kelsey Bolling, Tienlyn Jacobson, Wendy Wang

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