Children's film

Family Programme

A selection of films screened at Kortfilmfestivalen UNG presented in a screening for the whole family, in particular 3–8 year-olds. Entrance free of charge!

Sun 25/10 | 12:00 Reginateatern
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In a faraway land where the rain never stops, six-year-old Kyna spends her days playing carelessly under the protective “umbrella-beard” of her father, Din. One night, Kyna’s beloved dog Nana disappears. To find her, Kyna will embark on an adventure of self-discovery and face her great fear, the Rain.

France, Spain, 2020, 12, Direction: José Prats, Alvaro Roblès, Production: Kèota Dengmanara, Ramon Alòs, Diana Hentulescu.

När jag blir stor

What do we want to be when we grow up? “När jag blir stor” looks into the mind of children and their perspective on what they want to be in the future. But who’s responsible when their future is out of their control?

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Tilde Hernström, Production: Viggo Söderberg, Tobias Perneblad, Tilde Hernström, Erik Hansell.

The Kite

Summer is coming to an end, the fruit is growing ripe on the trees. Grandpa gives his grandson a kite. As the boy is tossed around in the air, Grandpa catches him. Then the leaves fall and Grandpa has grown weak. A strong autumn wind carries him off into the cloudy sky. Winter comes, then springtime. A warm breeze brings them together again.

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, 2019, 13, Direction: Martin Smatana, Production: Peter Badač, Ondřej Šejnoha.

The Witch & the Baby

An ageing witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don’t go as planned.

Russia, 2020, 4, Direction: Evgenia Golubeva, Production: Boris Mashkovzev.

Elsa and the Night

Elsa has not slept a wink for thirty years. Early one morning she finds an unwelcome guest hiding underneath her sofa. The creature turns out to be none other than the Night itself. Elsa tells it of her life, and of the death of her best friend – an elephant named Olaf. The Night accompanies her on a moving journey that tells the story of an extraordinary friendship.

Sweden, The Netherlands, 2019, 9, Direction: Jöns Mellgren, Production: Nima Yousefi.

The Tomten and the Fox

A hungry fox hunts for food on a cold winter night. He sneaks into a small farm to steal a snack when he is caught by Tomten who guards the farm.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, 2019, 8, Direction: Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes, Production: Ove Heiborg, Thomas Gustafsson, Johan Palmberg.

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