Delightful Danes

Delightful Danes 4: Super16: Role Models

Since 1999, the Danish film school Super16 has been shaping and nurturing new and emerging film talent. It started as an alternative to the established state funded film school, but is now an indispensable organ of its own in the Danish film industry. A wide range of talents have grown to become the role models of tomorrow at Super16. This program deals with the theme of the role model and is a celebration of some of the best shorts from Super16 talents.

Curator: Mathias Broe

THU 27/10, 13:00 FYRIS
SAT 29/10, 17:00 REGINA


When Dennis, an introverted bodybuilder, invites a local girl out on a date his mother is hurt and disappointed. Despite the pressure she puts on him to cancel the date, Dennis ventures into a night that he will never forget.

Denmark 2007/ 18:00 / Director: Mads Matthiesen

Little Night Hunter

12 year-old Sonam lives together with his mum in the small village Rangjung in East Bhutan. He spends his days looking for a father. One day he meets the 22 year-old Paljor, who takes Sonam to where he really comes from.

Denmark 2012/ 20:00 / Director: Katja Adomeit

The sergeant and his nephew

The eccentric Niels invites his nephew Glen to an alternative military camp. In spite of the uncle’s peculiar way of living they both still managed to form a special bond. Glen uses the military camp as a way of getting closer to his uncle, in order to get a sense of his past and unresolved dreams.

Denmark 2018/ 23:00 / Director: Glen Bay Grant


Jolly is a 14 years old introverted teenage girl who is in love with her classmate Kenneth. But one day her world is turned upside down when the neighbor’s son arrives to the island to bury his father.

Denmark 2010/ 19:00 / Director: Fenar Ahmad


Daimi is 12 years old. It’s Christmas, and she has tragically been left in a dark home with her only friend, a pet pig. Daimi’s imagination overshadows reality. A reality she realizes with a scream. Daimi is not as alone as she thinks.

Denmark 2012/ 19:00 / Director: Marie Grahtø

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