Delightful Danes

Delightful Danes 3: Against All Odds

We want our film talents to grow in Denmark, but we do not support our emerging talent in making short films through the official system. By doing so we think of the short format just as a stepping stone and a part of a food chain mindset. Only with the help from the Filmworkshops and dedicated free labour, original ideas for the screen are born in the short format. In this selection of artistic and experimental Danish short films we find art existing against all odds.

Curator: Mathias Broe

WED 26/10, 19:00 REGINA
FRI 28/10, 15:00 FYRIS

Anxious Floating Head

We follow our protagonist experiencing a psychotic episode. When we meet our protagonist who is already in a state of panic and anxiety. As time goes on, his emotional state gets more and more extreme.

Denmark 2022 / 1:00 / Director: Yilmaz Sen


While the world is ablaze, a blind director asks her theater group to help her process her broken heart. In a chaotic and iconographic role play, the group embarks on its search for love’s true nature, while the fear of the physical world’s limitations are buried deep underneath the stage floor.

Denmark 2018 / 30:00 / Director: Jesper Dalgaard

Color Me

A woman meets her dark double and travels on a nightmarish trip into the fantastic world of her own anxiety. Color Me is a collaboration between award-winning Danish director Martin de Thurah and Active Child, the musical alias of critically acclaimed American singer, songwriter and producer Patrick Grossi.

Denmark 2020 / 6:30 / Director: Martin De Thurah

Killing Kidding Colliding

A fragmented story about glass seen through a bird’s fleeting life and subsequent death. The film examines the connections between architecture, image production and power.

Denmark 2021 / 7:31 / Director: Freja Sofie Kirk

We Chose the Milky Way

Scenes from life on another planet, where a hedonistic civilisation of young women decorate themselves with artificial nails, white clothes and a fake tan before taking the limo to the city. But the film is from the suburbs of Copenhagen, and is shaped by its environment. In other words, an unplaceable, anthropological mutation of a bling hip hop video, social-realist science fiction and a documentary version of ‘Spring Breakers’, whose surreal shock cuts place us as participants, rather than mere spectators, in a world where everything is artificial except the friendships.

Denmark 2015 / 27:00 / Director: Eva Marie Rødbro


Abyss is a chain of 10.000 images found through Google’s reverse image search. The visual development is based on the misunderstandings that happen in the AI’s reading of the image material. The AI doesn’t care about scale, emotions or context but are only interested in patterns, colours and correlations.We are watching a primal chaos before the creation of an artificial consciousness. And the awakening consciousness is looking back at us as a species.

Denmark 2022 / 13:35 / Director: Jeppe Lange