Delightful Danes

Delightful Danes 2: Danish Delight

Enjoy four short films handpicked by OFF – Odense International Film Festival. A selection bubbling with blood-rush, passion, confrontation, and fragile family ties. All the films have earlier been a part of the competition programme at Denmark’s oldest film festival – OFF. Keep your best mate close while watching the disturbing but beautiful film “Inherent”. Feel the young generation’s passion and will to fight in the relevant drama “Climate Warrior”. Dive into a playful investigation of family bonds and the consequences of a divorce with “Front View of My Father”. And last – not least – lose yourself into the wilderness like Sally’s father in “Untamed”.

Curator: Birgitte Weinberger

SAT 29/10, 19:00 FYRIS
SUN 30/10, 15:00 SLOTTS


A beautifully shot rural film about a woman who is up to something involving blood. To reveal anything else about this wild and unsettling tale would be a shame, as it must be seen to be believed.

Denmark 2021 / 16:00 / Director: Nicolai G. H. Johansen

The Climate Warrior

A young and passionate person hurls herself into the war for climate change and a strongly relevant drama full of youthful energy is the result.

Denmark 2022/ 16:00 / Director: Anna van Deurs

Min Far forfra

A daughter has invited her estranged father to participate in different games in a studio to let them both reflect on the divorce that has deprived them of sharing her childhood. A playful and tender experiment, where Danish divorce-culture is turned on its head, and father and daughter meet each other anew.

Denmark 2015 / 30:00 / Director: Nicoline Skotte


The streets at night; a slow saxophone plays. A howling wolf roams the city. Dad is on the loose. Sally, an introverted 15-year-old girl, tries to tame her wolf father, who has lost himself in the wilderness.

Denmark 2015 / 16:00 / Director: Juliette Viger

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