Selected Works from School Friedl Kubelka

Analog Imagination 2

The School Friedl Kubelka for Independent Film is a unique place for people of different origins, social backgrounds and ages to meet and learn about the art form of analog film. For almost 20 years, the school has been promoting the artistic practice of filmmakers and offering exchange and dialogue with acclaimed film artists, thereby shaping an entire generation of analog filmmakers. Made and screened on Super 8, 16 mm and 35 mm film, these works show a cinema of deeply personal and formally independent expression.

The second programme focuses on the sensibilities of the cinematic experience. The film camera pays attention to landscapes, objects, architectures and people; shaping and forming them. Calmness and slowness stand next to intensity and impulsiveness. Time is stretched or condensed, space is observed or traversed. A meditation on personal views of the world through the possibilities of the medium of analog film. 

These programmes are the result of a collaboration between the European Short Film Network and the School Friedl Kubelka screened at all network festivals.

Curator: Philipp Fleischmann

SAT 28/10, 11:00 SLOTTS


Sonnenfilm simultaneously shows sunrise and sunset on the same day. The double exposure divides the image into two halves, with the horizon meeting in the centre of the frame. Two suns move in opposite directions through the image to leave it again at the same time.

Austria, Spain 2022 / 16 mm / 17:00 / Director: Antonia de la Luz Kasik


In April of 2022, I was walking on the beach in Porto, Portugal. It was a sunny morning, not too hot. An average weekday. The beach was empty. When you listened closely you could hear the stones talking.

Germany 2022 / 16 mm / 2:00 / Director: Simon Dallaserra


Matte Study was composed through a system of stencils or “mattes”, which act as the films visual and spatial script. The encounters and disparate ephemera which are pushed through the stencils’ fluctuating grid system, were documented over the course of a 12 hour day. Through this network of collected images, a puzzle of visual relationships form and encourage the roots of a new day to emerge.

Austria 2022 / 16 mm / 3:00 / Director: Nina Porter


Typing, pressing, striking, swiping – finger movements that are not carried out on the touchscreen of a smartphone, but instead on naked skin. The filmmaker investigates the transformation of perception and communication in the digital era – on analogue film. A haptic visual experience, which makes the loss of analogue qualities tangible . 

Austria 2019 / 16 mm / 3:00 / Director: Raphael Reichl


An afternoon filming in Tirana, Albania; going up and down the pyramid. Kids are observed through an admiring gaze. They proudly show us their urban playground, climbing to the top, ruling their city.

Austria, Albania, Belgium 2020 / 16 mm / 3:00 / Director: Eva Claus


The location of this film was our neighbourhood and house on the outskirts of Vienna. In about a year we turned this place into a home. This film was made during the last months I was living there; time was speeding up and days were running out.

Austria 2018 / 16 mm / 2:00 / Director: Eva Claus


A homemade screen in the middle of a vast, green landscape. The surrounding trees and bushes appear as dancing shadows on the projection area. Natural cinema – without a dark movie theatre, artificial illusion, or film. Plato’s caveman left his dark dungeon – and is still ecstatic.

Austria, United States 2016 / 16 mm / 2:00 / Director: Viktoria Schmid


An apocalyptic scene of destruction that runs in reverse: The dust flows back into the centre of the image, bits of debris put themselves together, a building erects itself. Five YouTube clips played backwards, five different perspectives – Viktoria Schmid’s commentary on film culture: film is dead – long live film! 

Austria 2016 / 35 mm / 2:00 / Director: Viktoria Schmid


The filmmaker continues his architectural examinations of exhibition sites, using specially constructed cameras to capture the interior and exterior of his country’s national arts pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Austria, Italy 2019 / 35 mm / 5:00 / Director: Philipp Fleischmann


One 35 mm cinema film and the Atlantic – simultaneous fulfilment of two desires.

Austria 2015 / 35 mm / 17:00 / Director: Manfred Schwaba