Austria - Introduction

This year’s main special programme is devoted to Austria and is made up of four exciting programmes displaying the dizzying highs and versatile landscape of the Austrian short film.

The first programme takes as its departure the most devastating political history in Europe over the last century, as seen through a contemporary lens. The other three programmes of Austrian films depict the multitude of other histories and other nows in Austrian film. We are happy to welcome back festival favourites from the last 25 years from the Austrian distributor sixpackfilm. Austria’s main short film festival Vienna Shorts brings us a new generation of inventive filmmakers that knows no boundaries and does not mind crossing them, sometimes leaving the world wondering. Curator Djamila C.A. Grandits from CineCollective breaks new ground with a programme that displays polymorphic film cultures and a non-linear approach to history, as it broadcasts internationally.

Welcome to Austria – a short film country with incredible range!


Austria 1: History Now
Austria 2: sixpackfilm Greatest Hits
Austria 3: International Broadcast
Austria 4: World Wondering


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