Children's Film Festival

Programme 3-6 years

This is a programme for 3-6 year olds which is a part of the Children’s Film Competition.

Screenings for schools:
TUE 26/10, 09:00 REGINA
WED 27/10, 10:30 REGINA
THU 28/10, 09:00 REGINA
FRI 29/10, 10:30 REGINA


The little polar bear Ursa is alone in the cold dark Arctic and looking for his mum. He walks through a blizzard, through icy cold tundra and sharp ice ridges, towards the northern lights and the magic song in hope to find his mother.

Norway 2021 / 10:20 / Director: Natalia Malykhina / Producer: Kasper Val, Natalia Malykhina


A featherless nightingale sings in the forest. Its lullaby puts the crying bear cub to sleep, calms down two fighting squirrels, and entertains a couple of swans in a nearby pond. One day, a storm breaks over the forest and the nightingale gets caught in it. Without protecting feathers, it gets a cold and can’t sing anymore.

Switzerland 2021 / 5:48 / Director: Oana Lacroix / Producer: Nicolas Burlet


The Achard-Picchus are festive little creatures. They live a carefree daily life in sync with the mountains. When the mountains come, their oasis rises and they are lifted up into a winter climate. The Paccha-Picchus are very fond of the winter climate, which is vital for them. But one day, the mountains stop coming and the restless Kinko decides to go looking for them.

France 2020 / 7:01 / Director: Adrien Communier, Benjamin Francois, Briag Mallat, Camille Di Dio, Marianne Moisy, Pierre Gorichon


Bubble is a young otter who lives with three mossy stones and thinks of them as her family. She imagines them as real otters, but as she becomes aware of their true nature, she has to face her loneliness.

France 2020 / 6:56 / Director: Léo Coulombier, Louise M, Maxime Le Chapelain, Mélanie Berteraut Platon, Nicolas Grondin, Yasmine Bresson


Will, a boy who wants to become an inventor, loves to invent various toys for his old dog named Norman. One day, while introducing his new toys to Norman, he finds out that dogs are colour blind. This science-lover boy decides to invent special glasses to present colours to his dog.

South Korea 2021 / 8:48 / Director: Byeong-hyeon Hwang, Jae-hyun Cha / Producer: Byeong-hyeon Hwang, Jae-hyun Cha