Children's film festival

Programme 9-10 years

MON 24/10, 9:00 REGINA
WED 26/10, 10:00 SLOTTS
THU 27/10, 10:00 SLOTTS
FRI 28/10, 9:00 REGINA

The Cave

The boy longs for his father’s affection, but his father is only interested in fishing. One day, his father dies of pneumonia, and the boy’s sense of loss turns into an obsession with his father’s belongings. In the imaginary cave, he puts a curse on his relatives who covet his father’s belongings, and succeeds in revenge. But the curse begins to eat the boy’s soul…

South Korea 2022 / 13:32 / Director: Jinman Kim, Jiyoung Chon / Producer: Jiyoung Chon

The Filmmakers

Bored that nothing extraordinary happens in her town, Valentina (10 years old) builds an imaginary camera to record how daily life changes due to the arrival of a film crew.

Cuba 2022 / 3:29 / Director: Claudia González Catalán / Producer: Harry Paul Oglivie

The Girl Behind the Mirror

A transgender girl locks herself in her room for fear of the monsters that threaten her outside, until a new reality appears behind the mirror where these monsters do not exist and she is free to be who she is or who wants to be.

Brazil 2022 / 12:05 / Director: Luri Moreno / Producer: Débora Resendes, Lara Morena

The Last Break

A student has trouble going to school because his shoes are dirty.

Iran 2022 / 8:40 / Director: Masoum Azarani / Producer: Aghil Azarani


Hero of the film is the ordinary zebra, who lived a monotonous life, working in a reserve and conducting presentations for tourists about the life of zebras and their features and characteristics. One day everything changed in his life. However, the first symptoms appeared after a rhinoceros almost choked him. He lost the stripes. That was the reason to start a new life.

Georgien 2021 / 9:10 / Director: Nina Samanishvili / Producer: Ketevan Janelidze


A girl pursues a connection with her sister, who is covered by a strange grey fur. It is soft and uncanny at the same time. It grows between them, and they drift further apart from each other.

Netherlands 2022 / 5:21 / Director: Madeleine Homan / Producer: Thijme Grol