Free Time

This programme is 96 minutes and is a part of the International Competition.

Tue 20/10 | 12:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

Clean With Me (After Dark)

On YouTube, hundreds of women are filming themselves cleaning their homes.

France, 2019, 20, Direction: Gabrielle Stemmer, Production: Eliott Khayat.
After a master’s degree in literature, Gabrielle Stemmer followed the editing training at La Fémis. She decided to use her bizarre fascination with Clean With Me videos for her graduation film.

Cold Meridian

The repeated rituals of an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) online performer and her viewers.

Hungary, United Kingdom, 2020, 6, Direction: Peter Strickland, Production: Dora Nedeczky.
Peter Strickland started making short films in the early ’90s. His first feature film was the Transylvanian tragedy, ‘Katalin Varga’ followed by the Milano-Dorking sonic anguish of ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ and the dominant / submissive romance, ‘The Duke of Burgundy’. Several radio plays along with a concert film for Björk co-directed with Nick Fenton were made in the last few years along with a series of pop videos, all produced by Dora Nedeczky of Mindwax. His most recent film is the Thames Valley retail nightmare, ‘In Fabric’.

Engagement Rate Formula

In Engagement Rate Formula, Melis proposes serial production of social media’s Like icons made out of plaster material. Once 500 likes have been reached, those are packed in boxes in order to be sent by postal mail to the Moria refugee camp, in Lesbos island, Greece. Melis establishes contact with different humanitarian organizations to talk about potential collaborations.

Spain, 2019, 10, Direction: Adrian Melis, Production: Miguel Angel Sanchez.
Adrian Melis was born in 1985 in Havana, Cuba. He is based in Barcelona. Melis graduated from High Institute of Art in Havana in 2010. Currently, he is an artist-in-residence at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. Melis participated in a number of group shows and solo shows of the artist’s work took place in 2012-2013 in Spain and Switzerland. His work has become a part of contemporary art collections including at Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.


A neglected child discovers how a momentary impulse holds fateful consequences.

Poland, Norway, 2020, 18, Direction: Daniel Howlid, Production: Daniel Howlid.
Daniel Howlid is a London-based director. He got his degree from the Polish National Film School and has made several short films and documentaries. He is a part of the Danish-Norwegian music video duo HochR.


One Buenos Aires afternoon in the Dominican hair salon, in which characters from different origins reunite around the musical feeling of the place. From dancers to performers and actors, clients and reggaeton singers.

Portugal, Argentina, 2020, 13, Direction: Igor Dimitri, Production: Verónica Balduzzi, Joana Peralta, Igor Dimitri.
Igor Dimitri (b 1986, Portugal) is a PhD research candidate at University NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal and a filmmaker. His short documentary The Closest Star to the Sun: PROXIMA won best short film in Porto/Post/Doc Cinema Novo Competition.

There Were Four of Us

In a room, there are four people.

United States, 2019, 6, Direction: Cassie Shao, Production: Cassie Shao.
Cassie is an Animation + Visual Artist currently based in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of School of the Art Institute of Chicago and School of Cinematic Arts at USC. She works across the field of independent films, music videos, projection mapping, and advertising as well as animated television series.

People on Sunday

“People on Sunday” is a reinterpretation, a response, and a homage to the 1930 German silent film “Menschen am Sonntag”; however, this response is done from a different context, a different country, different era, and different working conditions. This reinterpretation tells episodic stories of moving-image-related workers who are employed in the same performance-art-video project about free time.

Thailand, 2020, 20, Direction: Tulapop Saenjaroen, Production: Maenum Chagasik.
Tulapop Saenjaroen is an artist and filmmaker based in Bangkok. His recent works interrogate the correlations between image production and production of subjectivity as well as the paradoxes intertwining control and freedom in late capitalism.

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