Night Vision

This programme is part of the International Competition. From 15 years of age.

TUE 25/10, 17:00 FYRIS
FRI 28/10, 11:00 FYRIS

All of Your Stars Are But Dust on My Shoes

The film tracks the public administration of light and darkness as an essential policing tool as it moves between New York and Paris, with the artist’s native Beirut setting the central pulse.

Lebanon 2021 / 17:30 / Director: Haig Aivazian


Clara loses a tooth while sleeping. Swallowed by a gigantic mouth, she enters an underground world where surreal Sci Fi advertising invites her to “ELECTRODENT”, a clinic that promises to fix teeth…but not only.

Poland, Mexico 2021 / 12:07 / Director: Andrea Guizar / Producer: Agata Golánska

The Human Torch

We have acted according to the demands of society. We have followed the rules. We do not mock or belittle people different from us. But it is not okay to come here to upset the status quo, provoking all kinds of jeering at the hot dog kiosk. This is a one-shot short film about a traffic crossing at night, where respectable people are waiting for the light to change. The film is about losing your sense of security in a world that is changing uncontrollably. 

Finland 2022 / 05:56 / Director: Risto-Pekka Blom / Producer: Niina Virtanen, Pasi Hakkio

Blind Spot

Under the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a man is kidnapped, tortured and killed, then vanishes without ever being found. Thirty years later, he comes back to talk to us, taking over the question of his mother: “Where did you abandon my son’s body?”

Tunisia, France 2021 / 13:13 / Director: Lotfi Achour / Producer: Sebastian Hussenot, Anissa Daoud, Lotfi Achour, Olfa Ben Achour

Sound of the Night

Vibol and his brother Kea sell noodles from a motorized cart every night on the streets of Phnom Penh. They often face troublesome threats from gangsters and thieves, even if these very people are their only customers. As the city is growing around them, they consider their unstable income and imagine a different future.

Cambodia 2021 / 19:47 / Director: Chanrado Sok, Kongkea Vann / Producer: Rithea Phichith, Rotha Moeng

Hotel Kalura

A woman walks into a hotel bar on the romantic island of Sicily, waiting to be lit.

UK 2021 / 4:51 / Director: Sophie Koko Gate / Producer: Sophie Koko Gate

Rabobesto - Or How I Saved a Monster

On the verge of her marital life, a young woman makes a journey into the night to find out why she has lost her heartbeat and turned golden.

Finland 2022 / 15:00 / Director: Mari Mantela / Producer: Klaus Heydemann