Destruction Reconstruction

This programme is part of the International Competition. From 15 years of age.

MON 24/10, 13:00 FYRIS
FRI 28/10, 17:00 REGINA

All the things you leave behind

This is a short documentary essay composed entirely of archival photographs, footage and declassified documents of the U.S.-Thai Relations in Anti-Communism during the Vietnam War. All the Things You Leave Behind interrogates the effects of America’s influence on Thai people and society.

Thailand 2021 / 18:15 / Director: Chanasorn Chaikitiporn / Producer: Banvithit Wilawan

It’s Raining Frogs Outside

The world is about to end. Maya is forced to go home to the province of Zambales. There, she confronts her childhood house, that terrorizes her, as frogs rain outside.

The Philippines 2021 / 12:00 / Director: Maria Estela Paiso / Producer: Gale Osorio

El After del Mundo

Mankind no longer exists, only Fluor and Carlix, two ghosts in sportswear, remain. They wander among the remains of an extinct civilization, one in search of a Wi-Fi connection, the other in search of the head of a giant cetacean. A story of encounter and friendship, punctuated by a final playlist: that of the end of the world.

France 2022 / 11:00 / Director: Florentina Gonzales / Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin

Saving Some Random Insignificant Stories

Saving Some Random Insignificant Stories is a goodbye film to the director’s parents’ house. One night in December 2021, after an unusually extreme weather event, the house flooded, and they had to be rescued by a boat. They lost almost everything that night, including their dog and their cat. Two days after the flood, when the water level went down and the director could finally enter the house, she tried to extract as many objects as possible, and for the rest, this film was made.

Austria, Greece 2022 / 13:47 / Director: Anna Vasof

The Land of Milk and Honey

After a series of massive destruction the inhabitable territories are protected by huge walls of separation. In between these walls, there is a population of destitute survivors on one side, and on the other, elites willing to transform the popular rage into a workforce.

Belgium 2022 / 11:13 / Director: Isabelle Nouzha / Producer: Isabelle Nouzha

Neighbour Abdi

How can you understand a violent past? Somali-born Abdi reenacts his life, marked by war and criminality, with the help of his neighbour and filmmaker Douwe. Through playful reconstructions in a special effects studio, they embark on a candid and investigative journey through a painful history, focusing on the creative process throughout.

The Netherlands 2022 / 29:00 / Director: Douwe Dijkstra / Producer: Richard Valk