International Competition

Jury and Awards


The jury awards the Uppsala Grand Prix to the director of one of the films in the International Competition. The festival statuette, Uppsala Film Jackdaw, is designed by Torbjörn Forsberg.

Prize sum: 50 000 kronor



The jury selects one film to be the Uppsala Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards 2021.


The award, which consists of 50 000 SEK, is awarded by the Cultural Affairs Board in Uppsala. It is given to a young and promising filmmaker who pushes the boundaries of film art.

Prize sum: 50 000 kronor

Mo Harawe

Mo Harawe was born in Mogadishu and discovered his passion for cinema through an art school in Somalia. Since 2009 Mo Harawe has been in Austria where his journey as a filmmaker began. He attended numerous film workshops and made a number of short films which have been shown at international film festivals and won awards. Besides being a director, Mo works as a screenwriter and has written several scripts for feature films. The feature film script To Mogadishu which he developed at the Diverse Geschichten Script Lab won the Dor Film award at the Diagonale Film Festival in 2016. In 2019 Mo won the BKA Startstipendium for the new feature film The Village Next to Paradise that he is now developing.

Inja Korać

Inja Korać graduated in Political Science and Journalism from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and holds an MA in Audiovisual Management from the Media Business School in Spain. She works for Zagreb Film Festival as the producer for the industry programme, for Motovun Film Festival as programme coordinator and programmer, as well as being in charge of its distribution, and for Beldocs International Film Festival as a Teen programme curator and educator. Inja Korać also works as a curator for Kino Istra – an all year long project of cinema revitalisation in the Croatian region of Istria.

Léo Soesanto

Léo Soesanto is a Paris-based film journalist and programmer. He studied at Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. His writing has appeared in such publications as Libération, Les Inrockuptibles, Vogue Paris, Premiere, and Grazia. He’s a guest critic on the French TV-show Le Cercle Cinéma. He was the programming director at Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux, and programmer at International Film Festival Rotterdam. At Cannes’ Critics Week, he was a member of the selection committee for features and has been head of short films selection since 2017. Léo Soesanto has also written The Staged Airport, a book about the representation of airports in films.