Reginateatern is located on Trädgårdsgatan 6. The cinema has 220 seats.

No ticket sales, buy tickets at Grand och Fyrisbiografen.


Grand is located on Trädgårdsgatan 5. The cinema has 100 seats. Most of the seminars and talks are organised here during the festival.

Ticket sales: Mon-Tue 12:30-21:00, Wed-Sun 10:30-21:00.


Fyrisbiografen is located on S:t Olofsgatan. The cinema has 94 seats.

Ticket sales: Mon 12:30-19, Tue 12:30-21, Wed-Sun 10:30-21:00.


Slottsbiografen is located on Nedre Slottsgatan 6. The cinema has 130 seats. Press and Guest Office on the top floor, open Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-19:00.

No ticket sales, buy tickets at Grand or Fyrisbiografen.

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