National Competition 5

This programme is 88 minutes and is a part of the National Competition.

Sat 24/10 | 15:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

I Want to See Gellivare Burn

Under the amber summer night sun, teenage misfits Amandus and Johan find solace in an unconventional friendship, challenging the norms of their provincial northern Swedish town.

Sweden, 2019, 13, Direction: André Vaara, Production: Anna-Karin Ruisniemi, André Vaara.
André Vaara is a writer and director born in 1993 in Lapland, Sweden. After studying film and other courses at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, he has worked as a casting director and played a role in Roy Anderson’s feature film, “About Endlessness”. His writing explores personal origins and experiences with identity, gender, and expression.

Stephen Stableboy

The story is built on an old song that everyone knows. A daughter records the song as her mother sings. The mother finds the song extremely boring although she identifies with the main character – Stephen the stable boy.

Sweden, 2020, 3, Direction: Malin Skjöld, Production: Malin Skjöld.
Malin Skjöld, (b 1962) studied both radio and televesion production at Konstskolan Basis and Dramatiska institutet.


People in motion; working, resting, playing. The sounds of planes and trains remind us that the city is near this piece of created nature. A short documentary with scenes from the parks of Stockholm taking place during one year.

Sweden, 2020, 14, Direction: Lucia Pagano, Vanja Sandell Billström, Production: Lucia Pagano, Vanja Sandell Billström.
Vanja Sandell Billström works as an artist and filmmaker and graduated in 2014 with an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Lucia Pagano is a filmmaker and artist educated at the Film School in Lodz, and at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.


There’s a man floating around in an indoor swimming pool. The police order him to get out, to be arrested, but the man refuses. A humorous short film about a dramatic arrest that turns into an anticlimax.

Sweden, 2020, 13, Direction: Jonatan Etzler, Production: Isabella Rodriguez.
Jonatan Etzler graduated from Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola in 2018. The same year, his film Get Ready with Me, won the Student Academy Award for International Narrative

Filling in Physical Reality, Living in Digital Reality

As an international student, I faced a problem that I had never had in my life before – ‘Find a place where I belong’. And it was harder than I ever imagined. So instead of struggling to make a home in physical reality, I made it in digital reality by applying digitally-recreated layers over my physical reality, hoping to fill in the blanks in my life.

Sweden, 2020, 3, Direction: Gyonyoung Yoon, Production: Gyonyoung Yoon.
Gyonyoung Yoon is a visual artist interested in digitising herself and her life. She believes that everything – experiences, relationships, emotions and even human beings can be uploaded and downloaded these days. By converting and uploading herself digitally, she aims to meet people regardless of physical limitations such as distance and time with the possibility of preserving her memories forever.

Safety Measure

When Fredrik installs a surveillance camera to fill the void between him and his wife and daughter, he sees footage he shouldn’t and treads down a toxic psychological road.

Sweden, 2020, 9, Direction: Peter Schwartz, Production: Peter Schwartz.
Born in Stockholm 1993 to an Italian author and Swedish photographer. With a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc) in Social anthropology, Schwartz directs his camera with a critical perspective on his own community. With a foundational education in filmmaking from European Film College, Schwartz has recently made his first short documentary, The Real Square (Rutan).

Mum, help!

Frida, 17, has just had sex with a guy at her mum’s place. When he’s left, she remains in bed and notices a wet patch, but can’t see any condom. She starts searching the entire room, without any success. Finally she starts to panic and realises that she has to search within herself. It is stuck.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Gwendolyn Nielsen, Production: Olle Christiansen Meijer.
Gwendolyn Nielsen, 24, from Malmö, makes films about a little of this and a little of that.

War in Academia

When a class of Master’s degree art students are given an unfair assignment by their self-absorbed professors, conflict is inevitable.

Sweden, 2020, 26, Direction: Lisa O’Keefe Östberg, Production: Mårten Nilsson.
Lisa Östberg is educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. She worked professionally as a dancer/performer for ten years and then started making TV and film. When not writing sceenplays and producing TV she does performance art with collaborator Kim Hiorthøy. 

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