National Competition 4

This programme is 89 minutes and is a part of the National Competition.

Fri 23/10 | 15:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October


In a house out on the countryside, a mother raises her daughter in the belief that men are predators out to harm women. A short coming of age story about trying to find an identity and sexuality in the restricted universe of womanhood.

Sweden, 2020, 15, Direction: Amina Liaficheva, Production: Amina Liaficheva.

A Thursday in November

A shapeless being explores its memories.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: David Strandberg, Production: David Strandberg.
David Strandberg is a musician and artist from Uppsala. A Thursday in November is his first short film.

The Swedish Camp

The filmmaker spent some years in the early 1980s in a Swedish residential area in Sri Lanka, where his parents worked for a company that had won a major contract to build a dam. The video mixes family home-videos from that period with recordings from his return visit to the now quite dilapidated residential area.

Sweden, 2019, 14, Direction: Jesper Nordahl, Production: Jesper Nordahl.
Jesper Nordahl lives and works in Stockholm. Through video and various media his work addresses social and political issues where gender and knowledge production are central. Nordahl graduated from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2000 and participated in the Whitney ISP in New York in 2006-07.

Don't, Kiss .mov

The scene is set, familiar and unfamiliar at once. Two men engaged in a gaze magnetic enough to lock their lips and pull them to stand. What does this kiss serve? Is it passion, connection, expression, obligation? Maybe it’s all of it and more, or nothing more than touch.

Sweden, 2020, 8, Direction: Carl Olsson, Fabio Liberti, Production: Martin Forsberg.
Fabio Liberti – italian choreographer – graduated at Codarts Rotterdam. His work received several prizes and has been performed at numerous venues and festivals in Europe. Carl Olsson lives in Copenhagen where he graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2013. His first feature documentary Patrimonium premiered at Gothenburg in 2019. 


A mother, who once walked into a dressing room where someone had left their sperm on the mirror, hand expresses milk from her breasts. A mother, who once saw her childhood friend urinate on the wall of his own house, cleans her mirror. A mother alternately spurts, alternately emerges.

Sweden, 2020, 3, Direction: Krystallia Sakellariou, Production: Krystallia Sakellariou.
Krystallia Sakellariou is a visual artist working in various media such as installation, film, performance, text. After several years of nomadic life in different countries and artist residencies she now resides in the small coastal town Varberg, where her childhood home has become her working space, a place which plays an increasingly important role in her work. 

Crab Mentality

Three parallel stories, following three main characters, unfold during one night in Sweden. Struggling to remain in control over their own destinies, their loyalty is questioned by family, friends and themselves.

Sweden, 2020, 25, Direction: Shahab Mehrabi, Production: Edvina Koda Sander, Agnes Parkrud.
Shahab Mehrabi is a 25-year-old Swedish/Kurdish/Iranian director who grew up in Köping, Sweden, but was born in Iran. After five years of film school studies, he is now working as a writer and director in the city of Gothenburg. Shahab is interested in themes that concern globalism, power and identity and the use of multi-plots and the meta-perspective in storytelling.


Everywhere is about refugees and exile. About solidarity in the present and in the past. The soundtrack, a karaoke version of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, intends to encourage the observer to sing along and thus become the main character of the film.

Sweden, 2019, 4, Direction: Angela Durán Jofré, Production: Angela Durán Jofré.
Angela Durán Jofré, born 1978 in Santiago, Chile, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She mainly works with video and video installation. Her work explores the mix of artistic expressions between a serious, poetic undertone and a seductively recognizable, often romantic, surface. 

Oceans of Time

The artist and mother of three travels to Paris to explore the tracks left by Simone de Beauvoir. How can a woman find balance between motherhood and artistry? Based on these questions, Johanna Bernhardson weaves together a beautiful homage to and essential criticism of one of the greatest icons of feminism.

Sweden, 2020, 14, Direction: Johanna Bernhardson, Production: Johanna Bernhardson.
Johanna Bernhardson is specialized in the short documentary format and in essay films. Her films take place close to herself and are very personal, yet she touches upon universal themes. Johanna has an MFA in Set Design from HDK – School of Design and Crafts, and a Master in Film from Valand Film. She teaches film in Sweden and abroad and is currently working on her first feature length documentary.

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