National Competition 3

This programme is 85 minutes and is a part of the National Competition.

Wed 21/10 | 18:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

Outside the Image

Outside the image is a video essay investigating how captions affect the way we interpret images.

Sweden, 2019, 4, Direction: Simon Skuteli, Production: Simon Skuteli.
Visual artist Simon Skuteli (b 1983 in Uppsala) has studied Philosophy at Umeå and Södertörn universities. He holds a MFA in Fine Art, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm and a BFA in Photography, School of Photography, University of Gothenburg. He has had participated in several solo and group exhibitions

Land of the Free

David and his friends celebrate his 25th birthday with a nightly swim at the beach. The good mood quickly changes after a potential homosexual insinuation is made by some passers-by. But was it their intention to be homophobic? Who owns the truth of what exactly happened?

Sweden, 2020, 11, Direction: Dawid Ullgren, Production: Alina Rydbeck, Manne Indahl.Dawid Ullgren graduated in 2018 from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, StDH as a film director with his exam film Miss Inga Issues (Crash and Burn, Honey). He was selected for the European Film Promotions programme ”FUTURE FRAMES: Ten filmmakers to follow” at Karlovy Vary IFF with his film Nittonhundraåttioett (1981). The film had its premiere in competition at Gothenburg IFF 2018. Freak screened at Oberhausen IFF 2017 among others. Mr. Sugar Daddy was shown at Toronto IFF 2016 and was nominated for 1 KM Film at Stockholm IFF. He has previously studied at Alma Manusutbildning in Sunne.


Poetry describes how prejudices are backstabbing the Sami, while at the same time strengthening the sense of belonging of the Sami young people growing up today. A tribute to the ancestors who fought and a declaration of love for the young Sami who carry on fighting.

Sweden, 2019, 8, Direction: Irma Bergdahl.

Death is a Dragon Pig

The sudden death of their father leaves two sisters as owners of a run-down summer house. While cleaning up, the sisters have to confront shattering memories of both pain and joy. A documentary about loss, change and atonement that uncovers the immediate family’s light and darkness.

Sweden, 2020, 14, Direction: Karolina Berg.
Karolina is 23, from Stockholm. She has studied theatre at Södra Latins gymnasium, and a year long course in film and media at Stockholm University of Dramatic Arts.

Svonni vs The Swedish Tax Agency

Sami Ida-Maria is fighting against the Swedish Tax Agency for her right to make a VAT deduction for the purchase of a dog. Why doesn’t the Swedish authority understand that Rikke is a herding tool and not a pet? A documentary film about cultural clashes and the struggle to practice Sami culture in today’s Sweden.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Maria Fredriksson, Production: Ina Holmqvist.
Director and scriptwriter Maria Fredriksson (b 1975 in Uppsala) finished her Master in 2012 at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, StDH and studied Film Direction at the New York Film Academy.

To Discharge

This is a dark comedy about a couple, Ingrid and August. They are in their thirties and can’t communicate with each other any more. They decide to go to an alternative therapy camp to save their relationship. While there, they devote themselves to primal play, laughter therapy and sessions with a self-appointed therapist. But everything doesn’t go as they expected.

Sweden, 2019, 29, Direction: Amanda Adele Björk, Production: Isabelle Björklund, Amanda Adele Björk.
Amanda Adele Björk studied at Stockholms Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated in June 2019. To discharge is her graduation project. In 2019 she was awarded the prestigious price “WILD CARD” by the Swedish Film Institute, for her script to her upcoming feature film Hysterika. She was also selected as one of the ten most promising directors in Europe 2020 by EFP, KVIFF & The Swedish Film Institute – Future Frames. Right now Amanda is in post production with her new short “Ingiis, vakna”, premiere in 2021. She’s also writing and directing two seasons of a TV-serie called Zombie for the Swedish National Television (SVT). The TV-serie has premiere in january 2021. 

THE ASSEMBLY – interviews from the middle of everything. Part 6: "Feminism, Trans, & that N-word"

An animated satire based on interviews of people from the epicenter of norms and privileges. Who are they? What do they want? And are there more emotions other than hungry, angry, tired and horny? Has feminism been hijacked and does it matter which words we choose to describe others?

Sweden, 2020, 9, Direction: Malin Erixon, Production: Malin Erixon, Mario Adamson.
Malin Erixon is an artist who works with illustration and animated film, contracted as well as independent productions. Her films have been screened at film festivals all over the world. She has received several nominations and awards for her work including a nomination for the Swedish Film Academy Award, Guldbaggen.

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