National Competition 2

This programme is 87 minutes and is a part of the National Competition.

Tue 20/10 | 18:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

Our Land

Idris and Kojo are the two last survivors of a group African refugees who have inhabited Swedish woods for almost 10 years and lived independently. When they encounter a 9-year-old boy, a riskful friendship begins.

Sweden, 2020, 13, Direction: Jean-Luc Mwepu, Production: Julia Sixtensson.
Jean-Luc Mwepu is a director of films characterised by his interest in the collision between worlds and classes.  At an early age, he started doing skate and bmx movies which opened up his love for film. His origins in Congo and that culture are one of his strongest sources of inspiration that make a mark on his films.


Skräpytan is a snapshot of a reality far from life in the big cities. In Sweden’s inland lies the county of Värmland. According to an influential professor of economics and futurist in Stockholm, Värmland is a place with no shopping, no entertainment, and no universities, offering nothing of value. He has dismissed Värmland as a typical “wasteland”.

Sweden, 2020, 19, Direction: Daniel Milton, Production: Maria Fredriksson.
Daniel Milton (b 1974) is an artist, photographer and documentary filmmaker. This is his first film.

I Rummage Your Kitchen

About failure. Maybe as a strategy. About the feeling of searching but not finding, and not even knowing what you are looking for. The kitchen as the heart.

Sweden, 2019, 5, Direction: Anna-Karin Rasmusson, Production: Anna-Karin Rasmusson.
Anna-Karin Rasmusson was born in 1983 and grew up in Kungsängen. She received her Master’s degree from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm in 2016. Her expressive video works focus on the roles of women, the psyche, the body, and what it means to be human. Rasmusson’s work has been exhibited at numerous venues.

The Turkish Pig

Musse is a doctor working at a local hospital. One day he is racially abused by one of his patients. Musse’s colleagues do not seem to support him. Musse is unable to deal with his feelings, so he projects his frustration towards two young neighbourhood girls playing football in the yard. But this misguided frustration makes Musse even more isolated.

Sweden, 2020, 12, Direction: Tuna Özer, Production: Maida Krak.
Tuna Özer is a screenwriter, director, and editor. He studied at the film school of Stockholm. His first film was shown in the Swedish
parliament and honoured at several film festivals around the world. He has since been working as a freelance director and television
editor/graphic designer at Swedish Television.

Coming back is not the same as staying

Two sisters talk about memories, homesickness and nostalgia, but words feel insufficient. How do you describe feelings that are bigger than words and how do you talk about thoughts when the thoughts drift away?

Sweden, 2020, 5, Direction: Jasmijn Kooijman, Production: Jasmijn Kooijman.
Jasmijn Kooijman (b 1997 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) moved to Sweden as a teenager. She studied documentary filmmaking at Bisköps Arnö.

Daddy's Girl

Lo, 14, is stuck alone with her father on the family farm all summer. She spends her days spying on the hot seasonal worker Michail. This is a movie about lust, shame and parenthood. And about how a small google search for “big dick” can have big consequences.

Sweden, Norway, 2019, 13, Direction: Julia Lindström, Production: Nina Blad Barbosa.
Julia Lindström (b 1983) is a Swedish director working in Oslo and Stockholm. She holds a BA in film direction from The Norwegian Film School (2016). Her graduation film ”Mamma” won several prices at European festivals and sold to the national broadcasters NRK and SVT. After graduating Julia has directed two short films, while writing on several projects. “Daddy’s Girl” has been part of the process on the way towards a feature film on the same topic.

Grown up men & Me

Set within the Swedish Film Industry, we meet sleek production offices filled with bearded, smoking, coffee drinking media men. Struggling to be a free feminist woman, but secretly longing for male approval, the protagonist of this story explores male and female power in a satirical, humorous way.

Sweden, 2019, 5, Direction: Edvina Koda Sander.


Stina and her son are at the bathhouse. When they are about to leave, the door cannot be opened, and the staff seems to be gone. They are trapped. Soon they notice that a silent group of men is standing outside.

Sweden, 2020, 14, Direction: SaraKlara Hellström, Production: Lova Lilliemarck.
SaraKlara Hellström works as film director and casting director.

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