National Competition 1

This programme is 89 minutes and is a part of the National Competition.

Mon 19/10 | 18:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

Little Olle

Olle, 26, is at a party at a friend’s summer house. A woman, unknown to him, acts in an unexpected way, and Olle doesn’t know how to handle his emotions.

Sweden, 2019, 11, Direction: Julia Thelin, Production: Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå.
Julia Thelin, b 1991, is a writer and a director from Stockholm, Sweden. She studied filmmaking at Fridhems Folkhögskola and screenwriting at Brobygrafiska. She has directed dance films, music videos, and short films.

We should have a movie

As a teenager, Mikael travels to his father’s hometown in northern Greece to see the man he’s met only once in his life. After a few tentative years and also a long-standing break, father and son agree on a joint project: a film about the past and lost.

Sweden, Greece, 2020, 15, Direction: Mikael K Nilsson, Production: Mikael K Nilsson.
Mikael K Nilsson was born in 1964 in Helsingborg, Sweden. He’s a journalist, photographer and writer as well as being a director. He studied Film directing in Łódź, Poland 1992–93 and received a Bachelor of Arts from Stockholm University in 2001. 

Lake on Fire

Lake on fire is a short science fiction film telling the story from a distant future of how two former lovers are reunited in a virtual forest created by an artificial intelligence. Flowers are talking, the forest is shifting colors while fighting virtual wars and the former couple realise they can’t change the past.

Sweden, India, 2020, 14, Direction: Jennifer Rainsford, Production: Jennifer Rainsford.Born 1982 outside of Stockholm, artist and filmmaker Jennifer Rainsford lives in Paris, and travels to find stories or worlds worth to show to the rest of the world. She has made a number of art videos and short films. She is a part of the Swedish production collective Crystal Beacon and works as a director for the French program Tracks on Arte.


Around 10 years ago I suffered from paranoia and OCD. During that time, I filmed hours every day on digital cameras when I controlled my living. I lived with my parents and couldn’t get out of the house alone. Years later, I found these cameras when I cleaned my room I had as a girl. The film clips are the basis in my short movie. A story of odd thoughts and fear is woven together in my film.

Sweden, 2020, 13, Direction: Kristin Johannessen, Production: Kristin Johannessen.
I am an artist who mainly works with photography and drawing. This is my first short film and I am looking forward to continuing working with film. I have a college degree in Art history and have also studied Photography, Graphics and Visual art.

Day Trip

A girl who lives in a home for young people with special needs is taken out for the day by one of the carers. What starts with promises of going to the market develops into something more risky, as the unfolding drama candidly portrays a case of abuse of power.

Sweden, 2020, 8, Direction: Theodor Solin, Production: Theodor Solin.
Theodor Solin is a Swedish director with Chinese-Finnish roots, based in Stockholm. He discovered his passion for filmmaking while living in Shanghai. He is educated at the European Film College and holds a B.A in Film & TV from Edinburgh College of Art.

By the Power Plant

The steaming cooling towers of coal power plants are both beautiful and frightening. They are everywhere on our planet, but we rarely get to meet the people living in their shadows. In this film they tell us about what they care about and what´s closest to their hearts. Shot in front of these massive symbols for the big question of our times, the testimonies create a subtle and moving drama.

Sweden, 2020, 9, Direction: Pelle Wichmann, Production: Pelle Wichmann, Cecilia Björk.
Pelle Wichmann (b. 1948, Stockholm) is a documentary filmmaker and a photographer, based in the small town Nyköping south of Stockholm.


After a mystical and magical night, Mattias wakes up next to his own female clone. It is love at first sight. This is the start of a relationship with a very complicated person; himself.

Sweden, Norway, 2019, 14, Direction: Jakob Marky, Production: Mari Grundnes Paus, Eli Sandal.
Jakob Márky, half Swedish, half Hungarian, was born and raised in Gothenburg. He went to filmschool in Sydney, Australia, and has since directed many commercials and music videos.

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