European Film Academy Short Film Candidates 4

These are the 25 candidates for the award European Short Film 2021, which will be awarded at European Film Awards on December 7. 4 out of the candidates compete at this year’s festival: Displaced (p 38), Easter Eggs (p 36), In Flow of Words, (p 32) and My Uncle Tudor (p 43). All 25 candidates are also available at Kortfilmfestivalen Play.

THU 28/10, 13:00 SLOTTS
SUN 31/10, 21:00 SLOTTS


Filmed after the lockdown caused by Covid-19, Flowers blooming in our throats is an intimate, poetic portrait of the fragile balances that govern everyday life in a domestic setting. The artist films a group of her friends in their own homes, performing various small actions in accordance with her instructions.

Italy 2020 / 9:00 / Director: Eva Giolo / Producer: Leonardo Bigazzi International Film Festival Rotterdam Candidate


Bartholomew Whisper has an unusual illness, but that doesn’t stop him from seeing the quiet beauty around him.

United Kingdom 2020 / 13:00 / Director: Gabriël Böhmer / Producer: Samantha Monk Riga International Film Festival Candidate


In Israel, soldiers are recruited at the age of 18. A couple of months later, they are already in charge of Palestinian civil life, in almost every aspect. Six ex-soldiers face the camera and give us a soldier’s guide to Hebron, the most troubled city in the west bank.

Israel 2020 / 22:00 / Director: Rona Segal / Producer: Idit Kliger Tampere Film Festival Candidate


A deadly accident between a self-driving car and a pedestrian sets off an investigation about the role of human workers in the training of driverless cars. Testimonies from vehicle operators guide us through a night shift where the landscape merges with data from the car’s sensors.

France 2021 / 19:06 / Director: Nicolas Gourault / Producer: Luc-Jérôme Bailleul Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival Candidate


Two brothers play hide and seek while their parents cook dinner. As one boy counts, the other quickly hides in a small cabinet full of glasses. Seconds pass… then minutes… years… and decades. Every so often the boy peeks out of the sideboard. What he sees is strange and unfamiliar.

Hungary, Canada 2020 / 11:00 / Director: Daniel Benjamin Gray / Producer: Maral Mohammadian, Bálint Farkas Gelley, Bella Szederkenyi, Marrion Barré, Michael Fukushima, Soyo Giaoui Krakow Film Festival Candidate


A day which begins like any other slowly erupts into violence for one family as they experience institutional racism and fear. An uncompromising vision of what may lie ahead in these intolerant times, in which people from ethnic minorities are often forced to go through traumatic “breakups”.

United Kingdom 2020 / 12:00 / Director: Aneil Karia / Producer: Tom Gardner Odense International Film Festival Candidate

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