European Film Academy Short Film Candidates 2

These are the 25 candidates for the award European Short Film 2021, which will be awarded at European Film Awards on December 7. 4 out of the candidates compete at this year’s festival: Displaced (p 38), Easter Eggs (p 36), In Flow of Words, (p 32) and My Uncle Tudor (p 43). All 25 candidates are also available at Kortfilmfestivalen Play.

TUE 26/10, 13:00 SLOTTS
SUN 31/10, 13:00 FYRIS


Around ten years ago I suffered from paranoia and OCD. During that time, I filmed hours everyday on small digital cameras when I controlled my living. I then lived at my parents and couldn’t get out of the house alone.

Years later, I found these cameras when I cleaned my room I had as a girl. The saved film clips are the basis in my short movie. A story of odd thoughts, fears and memories is woven together in my film as I look back at my illness.

Sweden 2020 / 13:32 / Director: Kristin Johannessen / Producer: Kristin Johannessen Hamburg Short Film Festival Candidate


A young bride tasked with the trivial errands for her in-laws whilst her husband is in Greece, stumbles across a dead woman’s body whilst fetching water. Pushed to the side both the in-laws proceed to talk to the local news lying about finding the body and revelling in the attention they’re getting.

Albania, Spain 2020 / 14:00 / Director: Lorin Terezi / Producer: Anilla Bala, Eduardo Moisés Escribano Solera International Short Film Festival of Cyprus Candidate


Some days she imagines that by her sheer will she can make body parts fall off of people who seem vicious to her. And some other days everyone around her looks beautiful. And when she was little, she wished that flowers would grow out of her footprints.

Germany 2020 / 21:34 / Director: Katharina Huber / Producer: Katharina Huber Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen Candidate


The antagonist of a theater production becomes increasingly unsettled by the sudden return of the former lead actor.

Ireland 2021 / 9:42 / Director: Josh O’Caoimh, Mikai Geronimo / Producer: Josh O’Caoimh Venice Film Festival Candidate


Best friends, Cas and Naomi are graduating from high school and spend every second of their days together. Within their friendship they experience a feeling of ultimate safety. But when their future plans are seemingly different, their relationship wobbles.

Netherlands 2020 / 20:00 / Director: Vincent Tilanus / Producer: Loes Komen, Eva Verwei Leuven International Short Film Festival Candidate