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A story is born

A person tries to write a book, but doesn’t come up with any good ideas. The author leaves the room and then small figures come out of the scrunched-up papers. These “story figures” are born out of discarded texts and together create a new story which the author finds when she comes back to her desk. This new manuscript is fantastic and she sends it to the publisher.

Sweden, 2020, 5, Direction: Ingeborg Kindmark, Production: Ingeborg Kindmark.
Ingeborg Kindmark, 20 years old, was born and raised in Uppsala.

Gold & Snowflakes

A subject’s tale of migration, and development from childhood to adulthood. To receive what is given and be part of something greater, or to go your own way. What shapes us? What is our essence/DNA and what are the influences from our surroundings? What is most valuable to us? Do we need to experience loss to learn to value things and people? What is a Gift?

Sweden, Norway, 2020, 14, Direction: Ronak Naderi, Production: Ronak Naderi.
Ronak Naderi was born in Iran, raised in Sweden and is currently commuting between Norway and Sweden. After receiving a masters degree in engineering physics and working 8 years in the energy business, Ronak changed direction. The last 5 years she has been studying art, documentary film and philosophy. Gold & Snowflakes is her first short film.

Jag dricker vattnet ur mina händer

Humans dug up the ancient time from the earth and set it aflame to harvest its power. But now other parts of the world have caught fire too. The overwhelming feeling of just wanting to scream has brought the protagonist to protests in the streets of Paris, to therapy sessions, and to the Caledonian mountain range. Outer and inner time travels are woven together in the inevitable transformation.

Sweden, 2020, 10, Direction: Felicia Sjögren, Production: Felicia Sjögren, Ingrid Rieser.
Felicia Sjögren was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1990. She started writing at an early age, and began to experiment with cameras as a teenager. She has an education in documentary film and writing and a background in activism. She prefers to create from a place of total autonomy far away from the city lights and is currently living in the countryside on the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea. She uses photography, video, text and sound in her projects.


When Daniel and Jimmy are out playing in the woods it takes a turn for the worse. Confronted by reality, they choose to run from the consequences furthering their journey into trouble.

Sweden, 2019, 10, Direction: Adrian Tasnadi, Production: Emil N. Granlund, Juel Akervold.
Adrian Tasnadi grew up in Uppsala, Sweden. He has always been passionate about movies and after graduation he studied at Stockholms Filmskola for a year. After that he started his own production company.

7 Steps to Inner Peace

A woman is tired of her daily chores and decides to seek inner peace through a seven step program – a crash course in happiness.

Sweden, 2020, 4, Direction: Mervi Junkkonen, Zala Pezdir, Production: Mervi Junkkonen.
Mervi Junkkonen is a director and a film editor based in Uppsala, Sweden. Zala Pezdir is a dancer, choreographer, and a dance teacher based in Uppsala, Sweden.


During the darkest days of winter, on an island in the high north, the veil that separates man from nature thins. Surrounded by possessing waters with uncertain powers, different worlds come together as a little girl navigates the dark and a man finds shelter in the light of his kitchen.

Sweden, 2020, 11, Direction: Maja Daniels, Production: Maja Daniels.
Maja Daniels (b. 1985) is a Swedish photography-based artist. Her work is influenced by her studies in sociology and can be described as a multi-layered academic and artistic practice that includes sociological methodology, sound, moving image and archive materials, aiming to further explore each medium’s performative functions.

The Fires of Kurdistan

I grew up in the Kurdistan region of Iraq during the Saddam dictatorship. The wars consequently led to my migration to Sweden. In 2014 I decided to return to Kurdistan. I met the Kurdish Peshmerga General Hekar who was leading the fight agains Daesh. This encounter helped me understand the meaning of war in my culture and why it is such a profound reality among the Kurdish people.

Sweden, Kurdistan, Iraq, 2020, 22, Direction: Roland Persson, Narav Salahaddin, Production: Andreas Gejke.
Narav Salahaddin was born in 1983 in the Iraqi region of Kurdistan. As a teenager he migrated to Sweden. He has a Politices Master Degree from Stockholm University and has worked at the Duhok World School, the University of Duhok and the Danish Refugee Council in Kurdistan. Today he is working at the Swedish Migrations Agency.
Roland was born in 1957 in Härjedalen, Sweden. He began his career as a musician and in 2011 he co-founded Skaparkraft Film & Musikproduktion where he is working as a director and composer for documentary films.

Johan's Room

Johan draws on paper sheets on his desk in his small apartment. Memories from the past, from Beckomberga mental hospital, stalk him. Frustrated, he throws away his drawings one after another. As night comes, he surrenders to sleep and the attempts of art that he discarded come to life, taking over the night and his room.

Sweden, 2020, 9, Direction: Franco Veloz, Production: Franco Veloz, Sergio C Ayala C.
Franco Veloz is a filmmaker and animator from Buenos Aires, now based in Sweden. In Buenos Aires he made documentaries using participatory video techniques in schools, prisons and mental health hospitals, among other institutions. In the year 2018 Franco moved to Sweden, where he studied the Master program in Film in Media -The Art of Impact – at Stockholm Dramatiska Högskola/Stockholm University of the arts. Johan’s room is Franco’s graduation project, finished in 2020.

A conversation with a priest

A conversation with a priest about the meaning of faith and a visual exploration of the feeling of faith.

Sweden, 2020, 5, Direction: Viktor Lundin, Production: Viktor Lundin.

Salvaged Love

A tired couple in a tired marriage goes to therapy for their daughter’s sake. When they are encouraged to do something they never do, they get the wind back in their sails.

Sweden, United Kingdom, 2020, 8, Direction: Gisela Nadasy, Production: Gisela Nadasy.
Gisela Nadasy is a writer and director from Uppsala, Sweden. She has written, directed and produced four short films and is the author of a children’s book (2019). Since obtaining an MA in Screenwriting from Screen Academy Scotland she has written three feature screenplays as well as several shorts. Gisela has also studied screenwriting at Berghs School of Communication and directing at FilmCentrum in Stockholm.


A young man is too shy to talk to the girl of his fancy, but in his fantasy she tries to help him work up the courage to approach her in reality.

Sweden, 2020, 6, Direction: Anna Ahlund, Emmanuel Junglander, Production: Anna Ahlund, Emmanuel Junglander.

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