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Short Films of David Lynch & Dumbland

David Lynch found his inimitable style in short film and has returned to the format throughout the years. Some of his most inventive and imaginative ideas have been expressed within the permitting boundaries of short film.

David Lynch’s first short films show early examples of his morbid worldview and intriguing dream logic. Dumbland is Lynch’s version of a classic sitcom, it’s anything but ordinary. It consists of 8 rough line animations, drawn and narrated by the man himself.

TUE 25/10, 19:00 SLOTTS
SAT 29/10, 21:00 SLOTTS

Six Men Getting Sick

Six cartoon figures vomit repeatedly.

USA 1966 / 04:20 / Director: David Lynch

The Alphabet

A sick woman and her nightmare, involving living representations of the alphabet.

USA 1968 / 04:02 / Director: David Lynch

The Grandmother

A boy plants a seed that turns into a grandmother.

USA 1970 / 04:00 / Director: David Lynch

The Amputee

A double amputee attempts to write a letter while her nurse gets in the way.

USA 1973 / 09:12 / Director: David Lynch

Lumière: Premonitions Following an Evil Deed

Police discover a dead naked body.

USA 1995 / 0:52 / Director: David Lynch

The Neighbor

Randy makes small talk with a neighbor.

USA 2002 / 03:12 / Director: David Lynch

The Treadmill

Randy loses his temper when his wife disturbs him on a noisy treadmill.

USA 2002 / 04:00 / Director: David Lynch

The Doctor

A doctor arrives after Randy shocks himself while trying to fix a lamp.

USA 2002 / 04:53 / Director: David Lynch

A Friend Visits

Randy’s friend visits after he causes a train wreck.

USA 2002 / 04:09 / Director: David Lynch

Get the Stick

A screaming man crashes through Randy’s fence.

USA 2002 / 04:25 / Director: David Lynch

My Teeth Are Bleeding

Randy’s family experiences bloody accidents.

USA 2002 / 04:09 / Director: David Lynch

Uncle Bob

Randy stays at home to watch his uncle.

USA 2002 / 05:29 / Director: David Lynch


Randy is plagued by an ant infestation.

USA 2002 / 05:38 / Director: David Lynch

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