Children's Film Festival

Programme 7-8 years

This is a programme for 7-8 year olds which is a part of the Children’s Film Competition.

Screenings for schools:
MON 25/10, 10:30 REGINA
WED 27/10, 09:00 REGINA
THU 28/10, 10:30 REGINA


One night a strong wind takes Bruna far away from home.

Spain 2021 / 7:09 / Director: Anna Solanas, Marc Riba / Producer: Anna Solanas, Marc Riba


Ramón, an 8-year old Mexican kid, week after week, practices kickboxing with care and passion. After much training, Ramón is finally participating in his first national championship and he is very excited. Ramón will learn the meaning of winning and losing a match.

Colombia, Mexico 2020 / 7:10 / Director: Natalia Bernal / Producer: Natalia Bernal, Alejandro Coronado, Andrés Montaña Duret, Giselle Geney


Battery Dad is in charge of every corner of the house, such as children’s toys, remote controls, and door locks. One day, he goes on a trip to a valley with others. While having fun, a sudden downpour caused the valley to flood.

South Korea 2021 / 6:15 / Director: Seung-bae Jeon / Producer: Seung-bae Jeon


Leti is a girl who lives in a world where she cannot play like other boys. In the midst of his discontent, she will try to gather his feathers to one day achieve the freedom he seeks so much.

Peru 2020 / 7:42 / Director: Elva Arrieta Tabuzo / Producer: Elva Arrieta Tabuzo


You fly with no seat! That’s the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day’s job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.

Germany 2020 / 7:30 / Director: Verena Fels, Marc Angele / Producer: Verena Fels


A young gentlemouse from the Royal Mice Navy wants to take revenge on the gang responsible for the disappearing of his mother: a dangerous group of pirate cats. With the help of his brother, he will embark on the adventure of his life.

Spain 2020 / 14:59 / Director: Miriam García, Sara García / Producer: Dina Gómez

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