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When 8-year-old Kati from Afghanistan stows away in her father Faruk’s truck, he must juggle his responsibilities as a single dad while holding down his first job in a new country. As their relationship deepens, a brush with covert racism tests the bond between father and daughter.

Germany, United States, 2020, 13, Direction: Zamarin Wahdat, Production: Joy Jorgensen.
Born in Afghanistan and raised in Germany, Zamarin attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a Dean’s fellow. In her work as a cinematographer, she recently received an Academy Award for the short documentary “Learning how to Skate in a Warzone (if you’re a girl)”. This experience led her to write and direct this film, supported by the Hollywood Int. Press Association Fund. Zamarin’s work is based on subtle and intimate storytelling with a fascination for youth and magical realism.

Siren's tail

Roque was disoriented. They told him that he was a human and that he could become a siren. He didn’t understand why it was one thing that had to become another. Also forever! One thing or the other. Black or white. Meat or fish. Boy or girl. Human or siren …

Spain, 2020, 8, Direction: Alba Barbé i Serra.
Alba Barbé i Serra is a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology. She works with Actuavallès, the NGO that has produced this film. As an anthropologist and social educator she specializes in the study of gender violence, homophobia and transphobia, as well as the shaping of public policies and the execution of educational interventions to eradicate them.

Summer Fasting

Kader, 11, tries to take part in Ramadan fasting for the first time. He is joined in this adventure by his best friend Rudy who, as a non-muslim, sees this tradition as a new game. The two kids will have to resist hunger, thirst and boredom.

France, 2020, 18, Direction: Abdenoure Ziane, Production: Archibald Martin.
Abdenoure Ziane is a member of the group Sans Gêne that organises exhibitions and cultural events on the themes of gender and sexuality in Paris’ suburbs. 

Glace à l'eau

Separated from its glacier, a curious iceberg drifts with the currents. It then discovers with fear and surprise a world as majestic as it is tormented.

France, 2019, 6, Direction: Mathieu Barbe, Damien Desvignes, Victor Hayé, Production: Vincent Chiarotto.
The directors are a group of students from the French school ECV Bordeaux.

Nature's Crime

When Aida’s best friend, Lola, goes missing from class, Aida sets out to find her and discovers parts of their school that are better left unexplored …

Italy, 2019, 15, Direction: Valentina Bertuzzi, Production: Silvia Ricciardi.

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