The House We Built

This programme is 93 minutes and is a part of the International Competition.

Wed 21/10 | 12:00 Reginateatern
Kortfilmfestivalen Play 19-25 October

Dear Babylon

The future of social housing is threatened by the AC30 Housing Bill. In London’s East End, a trio of art students are eager to raise awareness about their neighbourhood, especially the lives of tenants and people who work on the estate.

United Kingdom, 2019, 21, Direction: Ayo Akingbade, Production: Ayo Akingbade.
Ayo Akingbade (b 1994, London) lives and works in London, UK. Akingbade works predominantly with moving image, addressing notions of power, urbanism and stance. Interested in the fluid boundaries between the self and the other, she gathers local and cultural experiences in intimate and playful interpretations.


While her marital life decays, Mariam worries she might be pregnant.

Lebanon, 2019, 13, Direction: Farah Shaer, Production: Lucien Bourjeily.
Lebanese director, actress, and socio-political activist. Farah’s debut short fiction film “I Offered You Pleasure” participated in acclaimed film festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival among others but got banned in Lebanon by the Lebanese government. In 2019, she was awarded a MFA in Film Directing from UCLA.

Junker House

Junker House is shot in the residence of Karl Junker (1850-1912), who dedicated his life to building his house in Lemgo, Germany. Reflections, projections and changes in light form abstract shapes which animate surfaces and structures, producing a psychological portrait that offers a new appreciation of Junker’s architecture as a mystical and visionary experience.

United Kingdom, Germany, 2019, 7, Direction: Karen Russo, Production: Karen Russo.
Karen Russo (b 1974, Tel-Aviv) lives and works in London and studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem.


Alexis Phon, 18, never left “Here”, the suburban area he grew up in and a world under supervision, where boredom numbs the hearts of the youth. Yet, a new horizon exists: it’s “There”. Thanks to Aïssatou, who shares the same anger, Alexis will gather enough courage to leave. But here, love and freedom come at a certain price …

France, 2019, 20, Direction: Jeanne Mayer, Production: Inès Dasi.
Born in 1990, Jeanne Mayer writes and directs for cinema and radio after studying Italian at the Lyon École Normale Supérieure. She is a writer for the radio show “Affaires Sensibles” on France Inter. After she co-founded a podcast platform dedicated to sexuality, she co-created and co-directed an erotic fiction series, “Dre@m-X”.


The biography of Bela Julesz, Hungary’s most famous visual neuroscientist, creates a disturbance in the tedious lives of two isolated people.

Australia, 2019, 4, Direction: Nick Simpson, Production: Nick Simpson.
Nick Simpson is an animator and filmmaker working in the city of Melbourne. His interest in how the world works and how people exist within that world led him down the path of animation. Because it’s an amazingly diverse medium it can be a powerful tool for story telling, social critique and education. Oh, and the laughs.

Life on the Horn

For decades, toxic waste has been illegally deposited on the coast of Somalia. The tsunami earthquake in 2004 damaged the poisoned containers, which led to the spread of diseases. Many local people had to leave their villages, but some stayed and lived with the aftermath.

Austria, Somalia, Germany, 2020, 25, Direction: Mo Harawe, Production: Mo Harawe.
Mo Harawe was born in Mogadishu. He discovered his passion for the cinema through an art school in Somalia. Since 2009 Mo Harawe has been in Austria where his journey as a filmmaker began. He attended numerous film workshops and realized short films which have been shown at international film festivals and won awards. Mo Harawe also works as a screenwriter and has written several scripts for feature films.  

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