Rewind Fast Forward

This programme is part of the International Competition. From 15 years of age.

WED 26/10, 15:00 FYRIS
SAT 29/10, 11:00 FYRIS

Oh, Butterfly!

An imaginary cassette tape repeats a famous piece of music in self-referential loops.

Germany; Japan 2022 / 19:20 / Director: Sylvia Schedelbauer


Trapped in an elevator, the former professional dancer is forced to face the helplessness of his own languish shell.

Czech Republic 2022 / 8:52 / Director: Marie Magdalena Kochová

Moune Ô

“I close my eyes. The crowd makes me smile, breaks my body, and that’s the end.”
Moune Ô is an examination of the premiere of the film Jean Galmot, aventurier, in which the filmmaker’s father played a role, and leads to the investigation of colonial continuities and family histories.

Belgium; France; Guinea 2022 / 16:52 / Director: Maxime Jean-Baptiste / Producer: Antoinette Jattiot


Park. Apartment. 6-core processor. My avatar learns a backflip.

Germany; France 2022 / 12:15 / Director: Nikita Diakur / Producer: Emmanuel-Alain Raynal; Pierre Baussaron

Snow White

Željka is a 40-year-old woman, living a quiet life in an isolated village. An unexpected visit will take her back to the past, shaking up her daily routine.

Croatia 2022 / 14:41 / Director: Lana Barić / Producer: Vinko Brešan

The Fruit Tree

In The Fruit Tree a young woman, Sharleece, views a property to rent in the sleepy desert town where she lives, California City. Looking out of the window evokes unexpected memories of her childhood home in Los Angeles.

Belgium 2022 / 15:05 / Director: Isabelle Tollenaere / Producer: Bo De Group; Hans Everaert

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