Internship at the festival

Internship at the festival

Uppsala Short Film Festival offers internships August – October 2022. As a trainee you are a part of the team organising the festival that takes place 24-30 October 2022.

The festival has a long experience of being the host organisation for trainees from many different countries. As a trainee at the festival you will be part of the staff working at the festival office during the preparations of the festival. You will be assigned an area of responsibility (for instance Guest Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, etc) which will be the main working area during the internship. You will also be asked to do a variety of working tasks that are shared between the staff at the festival office. The aim with the internship is for the trainee to learn how an international film festival is organised and at the same time being a part of the team creating the festival.

How to apply? Send a personal letter and your resume by email to

We are looking forward to your application!

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